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Life In A World With Phantoms (Male Reader X Myriad Colors Phantom World) by Flxwer1800
Life In A World With Phantoms ( Flxwer
In a once normal world, there was a company that made a mistake and changed that forever. The virus released allowed people to see phantoms, beings from a different dime...
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Phantom Attraction by ReverbGamer
Phantom Attractionby ReverbGamer
A Mai x Haruhiko oneshot fanfiction. Will Haruhiko continue to let Senpai be alone, or will he find the courage to stay beside her?
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Myriad Colors Phantom World (Haruhiko fanfic) by roxy639
Myriad Colors Phantom World ( roxy639
So I've noticed that there aren't many stories concerning this anime which is a real shame so here I decided to write one! This is going to take place after the anime! L...
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