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*Author ducks around the corner carefully checking for any signs of an angry mob. Suddenly there someone taps on author's shoulder.*

Kashem-Why hello there dear author. *Delicately wipes a shiny knife.*

Author-Squeak. H-h-hi, Kashem. What are you doing here?

Kashem-Granting wishes of course. *Steps a little closer to the author and twirls the knife.*

Author-Woah, I don't remember Jinnis granting wishes. Did I write that? And since when did you learn all those fancy knife tricks? Heh, heh...*Frantically flips through story manuscript.*

Kashem-Author has not been updating recently. The readers are disappointed. I must grant the wishes of the readers.

Author-Well you see I am in the middle of college apps and transferring. Plus, I have a new pet--*Whoosh, knife lands on the wall, an inch from author's head.*

Kashem-You talk too much. I remember a certain someone binging all the episodes of The Office. *Snicker.*

Author-Now look here! I am your creator, my free time is none of your business--Squeak!!! *Dodges another knife.*

Kashem-Get writing, or else...

Author-*Trembles in fear* Message received!


And there you have it folks. I am being threatened by my own MC!!! Here is a teaser to the next chapter. I will try to update the entire part as soon as I can. Please note this is Kashem's POV.

I couldn't see. I couldn't breathe. Something was covering my face, its foul scent invading my nostrils with a pungent scent. I tried to move my arms but something was holding me down. The panic was quickly settling in.

"Arghhh-hmfff," I tried to yell.

"Akhras," a voice yelled.

"Lmmmf gffffooooo," I continued to scream.

"I said shut up," a thickly accented voice yelled. Pain exploded along my rib cage before I felt a heavy boot pressing down on my hand.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," I could not help but scream, it felt like my hand was on fire.

A hand roughly grasped my neck and the thickly-accented voice whispered, "Maybe if you shut up, I may let you see." The heavy heel of the boot continued to be pressed down into my hand.

Holding back a whimper, I tried to quiet down. Hot tears trickled down my face.

The face covering was roughly whipped off my head. As my eyes adjusted to the light I saw a figure in the opposite side of the room. Just like me, the figure was tied and locked in a cell. Then I saw the familiar tresses of white hair. The delicate body, sprawled in an unnatural angle. Only the faint movement of her chest assured me she was breathing. But as the seconds dragged on, her breaths were becoming shallower and shallower.

"Dunyazade? Dunyazade! Please answer," I begged.

"Dunyazade get up! Raja, la 'astatie aleaysh bdwnk " I screamed. Forgetting my pain, I tried to rush forward. To hold her in my arms, but bindings made of fire were restraining me.

A shadow flickered in the darkness as a laugh rang out throughout the prison. And I could recall the voice of the thickly-accented man who had tortured me. I did not want to believe it. I could not believe it. There were few mortals who could trap me. But this one lived far, near the sea where his powers bloomed. It did not make sense for him to travel into the desert. Unless--

"Ibn al Kalb," the shadow interrupted my thoughts, "Things like you should not live. Now you must pay for your crime."

Rage exploded through my body, "What crime did I commit?"

Immediately his laughter ceased. "Ya gazma! Jinnis--things like you dare give seed into the wombs of our daughters. An abomination has formed. Dunyazade is blessed, we will stop her from committing a great sin."

"Scherezade will never agree to the murder to her own sister!"

The shadow flickered. "Scherazade gave the order." 

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