Why is it always me?

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The auction had been over two hours ago, but Lindy insisted we stay and help clean up. According to her, the least we could do was help out and that she would buy me tea as soon as possible.

But of course I was right wasn't I? We were going to get ourselves into quite some trouble and that is exactly why I was tottering on a ladder, with heels on, as I attempted to take down the auction banner. Lindy had better get me that gigantic cup of tea she had promised.

I sighed as finally the last pin on the banner came loose. Gathering all the pins in a box, slowly I started to climb down the ladder.

Before I could even blink, something knocked into my ladder. All the pins came flying out of the box as the ladder fell over with a loud crash. I screamed as I desperately hung on to the auction banner, feet dangling in the air.

Don't look down below. Don't look down below, I desperately told myself. I looked down. The ground seemed miles away and my heels were slipping off my feet.

"HELP," I screamed.

"Nora, hang on we've got you!"


"Yes, it's me Nora. Don't let go, whatever you do," she called up.

"Wasn't planning on it," I shouted back. Down below, I could hear Lindy frantically thinking out loud.

"Nora," Lindy called.

"Um, yeah?!"

"I'm going to try and hoist the ladder back up so you can-CRAP!"

"Wait! What's wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing. It's just the ladder is broken."


My heels fell to the floor with a loud clank and the banner ripped even further.

"Lindy!" I screamed.

"I know, I know, but there is nothing soft here for you to land on."

The banner tore and soon I was plummeting to the floor. I screamed. I was going to die.


I closed my eyes and waited for the painful crash against the cold tiles. I wanted an Irish Wake.

But instead of the cold tiles I landed on something hard, but warm. What?

"Oof," it groaned. I opened my eyes and found myself in the arms of a man. I recognized him instantly. It was the yellow lotus man. He was undeniably handsome.

"Are you alright," he asked me in a deep, melodious voice as he held me in his arms. I was helpless as I stared into his mint-green eyes and dazzling smile. I wanted to drown in them.

And he smelled so good. I couldn't put my finger on exactly what the smell was-but he smelled so good. Before I knew it, I was beginning to relax in his arms and smiling back at him too.

"Nora! Oh my god! Are you okay Nora," Lindy fretted. "I'm so sorry. I tried to help you but there is like nothing out here! And all the people are outside!" The spell broke. I looked at the yellow lotus man again. He was still handsome but something about him felt wrong.

I squirmed in his arms, trying to get down but he seemed content just to stand there as he stared at me. This was starting to get awkward.

"Er...you can let me down now," I told him.

"Right, sorry," he replied and finally put me down.

Lindy looked at the yellow lotus man almost swooning. She said, "Thank you for saving my friend's life."

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