I couldn't say no to tea!

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Lindy frowned at her sunny side up and then asked, "So how did you find that store again?"

I groaned, "Have you even been listening to me, or have you been texting Gavin this entire time?"

Lindy pouted and said, "I can't believe you would even think that, I mean I am your best friend," as she attempted to push her phone into her pocket.

"Lindy, please, I'm being serious," I said.

Lindy just shook her head and sighed, "Nora, I really don't think that's what happened at all. I mean you did have three cups of tea yesterday." Then she got up and placed her dishes in the sink.

"Fine, you don't believe me? Then look at this," I said. "Just stay right there and don't move," I instructed Lindy.

I raced down to my room and rummaged through my top drawer. Nothing. I couldn't find the business card. I shut the top drawer and opened the bottom one. Nothing. I ran my fingers through my hair in agitation. I know that I put the business card in one these two drawers in the morning.

Suddenly the room felt very hot. I shrugged off my sweater and proceeded to look the the drawers again. "Nora, have you found it yet," Lindy called from the kitchen. "Just a minute," I shouted back.

Great. I had lost the business card. This really isn't like me. Footsteps flooded towards my bedroom and Lindy stuck her head through the door. "So, what is you want to show me? It has been over a minute." Cold air seeped from the doorway and goosebumps appeared on my arms.

"You wouldn't have happened to see a small business card would you?" I asked.

"You want to show me the business card of the store?" Lindy uttered incredulously.

I couldn't stand the cold and put on my sweater. I stuffed my hands in my sweater pockets and said, "Yes. The old man, I was telling you about, he knew my name! If only I could show you. And that's not all, he thinks he's some sort of exorcist!"

Lindy wrinkled her nose, "You mean like that movie with the demonic priest?"

"I don't know," I yelled. "I know it sounds crazy but I swear to you it's not the tea talking. Plus, I didn't even have any tea today."

Lindy put her hands up and started to say, "Okay, okay no need to yell." But then she cut herself off and pointed at my sweater, "What's that?"

"What," I said in in confusion. Then I saw it. Stuck to my sweater sleeve was the business card I thought I had thrown into my drawer. I plucked it off and said almost excitedly, "Look, look, here it is."

I shoved the business card at Lindy. "Read it," I ordered.

"Abbas Milligan: plumber, electrical engineer, veterinarian, author, and exorcist. For more information call 555-XXX," read Lindy out loud.

"Now read the back," I implored.

Lindy flipped the card over, "Nora please come soon," she read out loud. Lindy looked up at me, lips pursed.

"Okay, so that's weird," she finally spoke, "but are you sure you didn't tell him your name?"

"Alright, say I was a bit high off some tea and I told him my name, but that doesn't explain why he wants me to call him or how my cut just disappeared," I said.

Lindy opened her mouth to say something but instead I said dryly, "And no I didn't imagine getting hurt. Even if I was high, I still would have felt the pain when I got the cut. Plus the handkerchief has blood on it still. The blood had to come from somewhere."

Lindy sank into bed next to me. For once she looked at a loss for words. If the situation were different, I would have found it quite funny. Instead I put my head in my hands and moaned, "I just needed some paint brushes. I saw the sale and walked in. How could I have ended up in this mess?"

Lindy still didn't say anything. Now I was getting a little creeped out. Lindy would usually have some comment to make by now.

"Lindy?", I said as I nudged her elbow. Lindy face was scrunched up and her little button nose was twitching. I knew that face; it was her thinking face. She probably had some grand idea and I was not going to like it.

"Lindy," I warned, "Whatever it is I don't think it will be a good-"

Lindy strode out of my room. A few seconds later I could hear her dialing the phone.

"Hello" she called, "Yes, is this Mr. Milligan? Oh well, I heard that you were having a big sale today."

I could scarcely believe my ears. She wasn't, was she? I mean the man could be some pedophile preying on young college girls, and she was calling him? I wanted to stop her, I really did. But before I could even move she was practically done with the conversation.

"What was that," I could hear her asking, "Sir, can you repeat that? You're on Newark Street? You wouldn't happen to be near the Giant down there would you? Oh you are? Okay, I think I know what your talking about. Thank you sir. I will see you in about thirty minutes. Oh thank you-same to you." Lindy hung up the phone.

Three seconds later I found myself standing in front of our apartment door, my purse dangling from my hands. Lindy pulled me towards the elevator and pressed the down button.

"Lindy," I hissed after I finally regained my composure, "What are you doing? If you think you can drag me to that shoppe again, you are sorely mistaken."

Lindy looked at me, her face flushed in excitement. She was ready for an adventure. I turned to go back to the apartment. I was changing back into my pajamas and going to bed.

But Lindy grabbed my arm and shook her head. At that moment the elevator dinged and Lindy shoved me inside. "We are going to see Mr. Milligan. No one hurts my friend and gets away with it."

I looked at Lindy in shock and exclaimed, "Lindy! You are not going to go chew out a psychotic old man. I swear, we are both going to end up dead in our beds tomorrow, and it will all be your fault!"

Lindy just brushed me off, "I'll make you tea as soon as we go home."

That stopped me in my tracks. "Green tea with a pint of milk exact and three sugar cubes?" I asked.

"With custard cream biscuits as well," Lindy smirked knowing she had me.

"Custard cream? I thought we were all out?"

"There may be a box left over."


Lindy just shushed me and dragged me to the bus stop. As we got onto the bus, I could not but help but feel as though someone was watching us. 

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