Yes, I'm Alive

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Hello Everyone,

I know I haven't updated the Genie's Possession in a long time. I was unable to update regularly and I felt really bad making you guys wait so I took the entire book down. Now I'm back and I do plan to update sometime within the week so stay tuned!

Also check out my new book below!

Warning-This book contains mature themes, please read at your discretion

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Warning-This book contains mature themes, please read at your discretion.

Jonah Clarke is the quarterback of his football team, the star of his school. Apparently, he's got it all. But Jonah Clarke is suffocating, dying and no one is noticing. Who knew secrets could be deadly enough to kill?

Seth Khan has just recently moved into a new neighborhood. With his charming, happy-go-lucky ways, it doesn't take long for Seth to become popular. At first Jonah doesn't take very kindly to Seth but as the days go by Seth slowly weasels his way into Jonah's life, making Jonah come to terms with his past.

But what will Jonah do when he realizes Seth's days are numbered? How will Jonah confront all his problems now?

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