Crashes and Collisions Lead to Truths

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The light above me was flickering. My hand tightened around the mug I was holding, the warmth from the hot tea inside, soothing me. I wanted to turn off the lights, but when I did so the hospital room just seemed so eery. I never liked hospitals, they were too white, too dull, too loud, too unsettling.

I observed Kevin's pale face as he lay in the bed. He hadn't stirred at all since he was placed in the emergency section of the hospital. Not even when the nurses came in to take his blood and put him on an IV.

Lindy had gone downstairs to get us something to eat leaving me to sit with Kevin. When the doctors asked me and Lindy questions like how we knew him and what his last name was, I realized how little I knew him. I didn't trust Kevin, the one who carried lotuses. But this Kevin, the one laying in the hospital bed, was different--dare I say he was a different person altogether?

I couldn't get the image of Kevin's face contorted in horror seconds before he collapsed out of my mind. There was a look of desperation in his eyes; he was begging for escape. But from who or what? I sighed again. I couldn't think at the moment, I just felt so tired.

When I felt my eyes begin to droop, I took a sip of my tea and sighed. Tea was probably the only reason I was still awake right now. I went to take another sip when a freckled hand grabbed my cup. Immediately I was wide awake ready to pounce, when I saw Lindy frowning at my cup.

"Hey!" I exclaimed as I watched Lindy chug down the rest of my precious tea. I hadn't even noticed when Lindy had returned to the hospital room; I must really be out of it.

"Nora, you just had three cups of tea in the last two hours. Don't you ever get sick of tea?" Lindy asked.

"Don't you ever get tired of all that peanut butter?" I retorted tiredly.

"Nora! You know what happens when you have too much caffeine," Lindy said exasperated.

"But I was drinking decaf!" I groaned trying to understand how Lindy even had the energy to argue right now.

"Nora, I know you would never drink decaf tea. You told me yourself that decaf tea tastes funny," Lindy persisted.

"Well desperate times call for desperate measures," I replied.

Lindy pursed her lips. "Like I would believe you," she said.

"Just look at the label on the cup Lindy!" I said exasperated.

Lindy paused and looked at the cup.

"Well, what does it say," I asked, one eyebrow raised. Even from where I was sitting I could clearly see the label which said decaf in green.

Lindy huffed then wrinkled her nose. "Ok, so it's decaf. But you shouldn't be drinking all that tea anyway. Have you forgotten that you've been restricted to three cups a day by Dr. Singh?"

"That's not true!" I said.

"You can deny it all you like, but you know just as well as me that you are hypersensitive to tea," Lindy said.

I stared at Lindy, "You do realize that there's no such thing right?"

"How would you know that?" Lindy retorted.

I was about to respond when someone began knocking on the door.

"Come in," Lindy called, opening the door.

Kevin's nurse, Amy, came in holding a tray of food. She looked puzzled. "You girls are still here?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied confused, "the doctor told us to wait until Kevin's lab results came in."

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