Because amnesia is the only possiblity

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"Ughhh," I groaned after I opened my eyes, I had a headache. It was twelve in the afternoon already meaning Lindy had left for class a while ago. I stumbled out of bed and headed for the kitchen, I needed a cup of tea.

I took out the tea kettle Lindy had bought me and set some water to boil on the stove. The kitchen was a mess from the leftover takeout. I could not remember what time I went to bed last night.

I grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a shirt and stepped into the shower. The cold water shocked me and finally I felt awake. I quickly scrubbed myself off and tried to avoid looking too closely at the hideous marks marring my waist. I hated exposing my skin, it made me feel vulnerable and every time I looked at the scar all the memories came flooding back.

I jumped out of the shower and quickly got dressed. Perhaps I could go to the library today; I needed some new books anyway. I poured myself some tea and looked in the empty refrigerator. Great, I needed to go shopping as well. I quickly left Lindy a note at the table and quietly locked the door behind me.

It struck me odd that not many people were out on the streets. Generally I could not move due to all the tourists but today, something was off. Slightly unnerved I made my way into the subway. Perhaps the Spring Festival had gotten canceled.

"Boarding now," announced the mechanical voice of a women on the overhead. I huddled into the subway and looked for an empty window seat. All of the seats were filled, I would have to stand.

"You can have my seat miss," a familiar voice said. I turned around to find myself face to face with Kevin. I froze. I must have begun to look a bit dumbstruck when Kevin said, "Errr... are you okay?"

I shook my head and forced a smile on my face. "Yeah, yeah. I'm okay. What are you doing here Kevin?"

Kevin wrinkled his forehead and slowly said, "I'm sorry but do I know you?"

I was taken aback but it wasn't his question that threw me off, it was his face. Kevin didn't look devastatingly handsome anymore, he simply looked normal. I wasn't trying to be mean but the lotus man, he seemed to come from some sort of fantasy world. This Kevin simply looked like a normal man. The once uneasy feeling that I had felt around Kevin was gone. Dare I say I felt safe?

"Don't you remember me? You saved me the other day?"

"I don't ever recall meeting you. How do you know my name?"

"But we talked at the funeral and you saved my life," I insisted

Kevin was beginning to look freaked out. "Look I'm very sorry but I think you have the wrong person." With that Kevin nearly ran to the other side of the train. I tried to follow him but the train came to a halt. People began crowding around the exit of the train.

"East Avenue," the loudspeakers called, "Now boarding." Kevin was gone and I had to still go shopping.

Lugging home groceries was terrible, especially when there was nearly four blocks to the apartment. I was putting away the groceries, when Lindy came storming in. She threw her things onto the kitchen table and her wallet didn't quite make it. Instead it fell onto the floor and slid under the stove.

"F-you," Lindy shrieked. I sighed. This was an emergency. It was a good thing I knew what to do.

Reaching into one of the grocery bags, I pulled out a small container of peanut butter. As Lindy continued to curse each everything on the planet, I spooned out a good helping of the peanut butter and shoved it into her mouth. The results were immediate. Lindy settled into a kitchen chair quietly and I put away the rest of the food. By the time I looked at Lindy, she had already finished off a good quarter of the peanut butter.

"That's enough Lindy," I said quietly, "you'll get a stomach ache." Lindy ignored me. I let her be.

Finally she said, "You would not believe what some people have the nerve to do," as she angrily waved her spoon in the air.

I had good feeling as to why Lindy was angry. She only ever got this angry when someone calls her a--

"He called me a bitch! Can you believe that? First the man claims he doesn't know me then he calls me a bitch?!" Lindy ranted. That caught my attention.

"Wait slow down, who claimed he doesn't know you?"

"KEVIN-I thought he had manners but he's just like all those other narcissistic, handsome--"

"Lindy, did Kevin seem a little different to you?"

Lindy paused her rant, "Yeah, he didn't have that tattoo on his neck-but why does that matter?" Lindy opened her mouth to rant again.

"Lindy wait, I have something to tell you but you need to listen all the way through without getting angry," I stated seriously. Lindy motioned for me to go on.

"Today on the subway I met Kevin. When I talked to him he acted like he didn't know me at all. In fact he seemed terrified of me."

"What? He did the same thing to you." I nodded. Then I asked, "How did you notice the tattoo?"

Lindy stood up and retrieved her wallet from under the stove. "I don't know anything anymore Nora. I think I'm going to take a shower."

"Wait, Lindy!"

She ignored me and closed the door to her room.

A strange feeling rose in my gut. For a second I began to think the impossible as I eyed the book about Jinnis lying on the kitchen table. I shook my head and laughed to myself--no it wasn't possible. 


Sorry guys, I have been so busy studying for the ACT I have not been on wattpad much. I am shocked that I have so many reads on this, I wasn't expecting people to actually read my stuff. 

What do guys think of Kevin? What on earth is wrong with him?

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