Chapter 6: Vampire Allies

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I give a stir as my eyes slowly open, my mind a mass of thoughts, I felt really groggy. As my vision becomes clearer, I see that I'm in my own bedroom, its dark, and no lights on. I then pat myself down with my hands, to make sure I'm really here and not just some hallucination.
Yep, I'm really here. I turn my head to the right to my bed-side table, to see my Glock in its holster resting there beside my badge and phone.
I reach over to pick up my phone to look at the time. The time spoke for itself: 1:35AM.

I then turn my head to the left, to see my amazing vampire 'mate' Michaela sleeping peacefully beside me. Then my thoughts start their lingering prospers in my mind, trying to rein act what happened earlier.
What happened? I thought. I remember, I was weak, almost to the point of dying, but for one reason then I passed out.
I got home from work, Michaela was there to greet me, I felt weak then collapsed, and Michaela tells me it is due to the lack of drinking... blood.
I gasp as I bolt upright in a sitting position, as I breathe heavily. In my enhanced vision, I see Michaela stir, as she leans over and switches on the bed-side lamp.

"Jake." She says quietly. "Are you awake yet?" I hear her quietly mutter.
As the lamp switches on illuminating the room, she sees me sitting up, clearly awake and confused.
"Jake!" she leans over and collapses into my arms as she embraces me. "Oh god, I thought I had lost you."
I hear her whimper a few times as I'm awe struck and shocked that the state my beautiful mate is in.
"Michaela, what happened?" I ask her, slowly rubbing her back to calm her down.
She broke the embrace and gazed into my eyes with her beautiful bright blue vampire eyes. "It's my fault, Jake, I'm a bad vampire, I shouldn't of let this happen." She whimpers.
I give her a confused look. "What's your fault? What do you mean?" I ask.
"Do you remember what happened, Jake?" she asks quietly.
"I vaguely remember, I got home from work, you greeted me, I felt... weak, like I had no energy left, then it got worse as I collapsed up against the wall. You used your vampire strength to 'carry' me to our couch, you laid me down for me to rest, and then with your vampire powers you vanished in a puff of air upstairs in a second to fetch your own supply of blood to give to me, then I passed out." I say as I slowly recall on what happened earlier.

She nods slowly, "Yes, Jake, that's what happened."
"But..." I look myself over, " did I get better? And how did I manage to get up here?" I ask her.
She then turns away from me and looks in a different direction and gives a nod of her head in the said direction, inclining me to look. As I follow her gaze, I see on our bedroom dresser, there sat three crystal jars of blood.
I point in utter disbelief, as I turn to look back at her. "That's your own personal blood supply."
She nods slowly, "Yes Jake, it is." I'm about to say something in reply but she puts a finger to my lips.
"Jake, before you say anything else, I want you to know that in our vampire society and our culture, that for a vampire to give another vampire their own blood supply they live on, is a huge commitment and does not happen often, in fact it only happens between the families of the vampires or they have to be in a extremely close bonded relationship or a life and death situation."
She removes her finger from my lips to allow me to speak. This is all new to me, this is astounding, all my life as a human it was just human this and human that, but as soon as I became a vampire, this lifestyle keeps intriguing me by the minute and plus learning something new every minute of the day.

I gaze deeply into her eyes, "You saved my life." She reaches up and cups my cheek in her hand and caresses it, "Of course I did, Jake, you're my mate and I love you so much I would never let you die. I turned you into a vampire; you're my responsibility now as I have to teach you our ways of life and how to succeed as a vampire."
"Can I ask you a few questions?" I ask her, now the time is right.
She nods. "Sure, Jake, you can ask anything you want. That's why I'm here for you as a mentor."
"What if... say a human were to willingly give their blood to a vampire? What happens?"
"Glad you asked, there are two outcomes to that situation. One of which is a extreme code of vampire society which is passed down by ancestors and written in our historical books that if someone approaches a vampire willingly to let them donate their blood, the vampire by code, cannot decline. So when that code stands, the human has two options by the vampires' request, use compulsion on the human to make him/her forget what happened after they donate their blood or the human is asked if they would like to become a vampire." She replies.

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