Chapter 4: Act Casual

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I collapse onto my knees, as I feel my body drastically change in many ways possible, I watch my nice tan skin change to pale white. I feel my own strength become stronger and more powerful as I feel my body change.
Then a shot of pain hits my top jaw as I feel two fangs slowly grow and get bigger, then as the pain fades away, I reach up and feel them, they are razor sharp.
I slowly stand up as I'm dazed, I see Ivan standing there, looking casual.
I cough. "What did you do to me?" I ask.
"You wanted change, I gave it to you. You are now classed as a vampire, in this vivid dream of course." He replies. I try walking but collapse, as I feel weak, Ivan notices this as he walks up to me and holds out a gold cup in front of me.

"Here, drink this; you'll need it to replenish your energy." He says offering it to me, I slowly stand, as I reach out and take the cup from him.
"What is it?" I ask. "It's blood, drink it." He replies.
I recover my composure, as I put the rim of the cup to my lips and take a sip. In my normal human form I would have regurgitated due to the taste and would have spat it out, but in this form, well, it's like drinking soft drink, the taste is amazing, I love it, a bit sweet, a bit salty, and it has an acquired taste.

I could feel my body regain its energy, I feel myself become stronger than ever before in my lifetime. I flex my muscles, as I feel pumped, and much better.
I see Ivan look at me with a stern look, as he stands at attention. "Now," he says, as he gestures his right hand towards a hallway, "Show me what you can do." I narrow my eyes at him as a smirk finds its way on my face.

Michaela paced the room impatiently, her sandals softly tapping the hardwood floor. She flicks the air with a wave of her hand in an annoying manner. "Something is not right; this process should not take this long." She says giving Jake a warm look as he lays there in a coma like state.
"Michaela my darling," speaks up her mother, as she lounges in a nearby recliner, casually sipping her blood from her champagne glass as all eyes turn to her, "the process is meant to take this long, needn't to worry, he will be fine, this is completely normal." She says.
Michaela turns to from looking at her mother then glances at Jake and slowly nods.
"It's just I'm... worried about him. This is all new to him and this is the first time we've changed someone into one of us who is offering their own support."

Michaela's sister walks up to her and places a hand on her shoulder, "Kayla, do not dwell on it, what's done is done, it's what he wanted..." she says slowly as she gives a glance at Jake laying their motionless and then turns back to look at Michaela "...the more you dwell on it the worse you will feel, this is a good thing, for all of us vampires." She says patting Michaela's shoulder softly.
"Thanks, Jess, it means a lot." She says, giving a light smile her fangs showing.
"And plus, I like your sandals sis."
She looks down at the sandals Jake bought her a week ago. "Thank you, Jess, I love them, they are the perfect fit and match for me, glad to see Jake has a sense of taste."
"Bah, what a joke. A vampire wearing sandals, such a thing should not exist in our society, it is against our culture." Says Michaela's aunt as she skims through a magazine, flipping a page in an annoyed matter.
Michaela knew that her family always wore black boots as part of their culture as well as other clans, but Michaela chose to be different, she obviously knew she was the odd one out in the house as her whole family, even as formal wear, still wear boots no matter the circumstance.

"Aunt Rose, I know it's non traditional to wear these types of shoes, but I chose to, Jake bought them for me last week as it's my first time wearing shoes such as these and I have chosen that I appreciate the change and I will stick to it. Even during clan gatherings." She says giving Aunt Rose a glare.
Her aunt kept silent reading her magazine. "We'll see what the king thinks about that, the next clan gathering." She mutters. As Michaela rekindled her thoughts, the door bell sounds making everyone at attention within a second.
"Who would that be at this time of night? Are you expecting anyone, mother?" asks Jess.
Alison rises to a standing position, giving a slight hiss.
"Certainly not, it better not be the council or our rival clans, Pearl my darling," she says looking to her oldest daughter ", please inspect who that is, be cautious, killer instinct if required."
Pearl nods, "Yes, mother."
Pearl walks casually and calmly across the room opening the wooden door, walking on through closing it quietly with a soft click.
As she makes her way down stairs, she sees an African-American man in a nice black suit through the window of their front door standing calmly, awaiting for an answer.

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