Chapter 3: The Dream

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As I walk up the stairs behind Alison, followed by Michaela and a few of her family members, Alison gestures to a door on the right. I look at her; she gives me a nod of approval. I grab hold of the door handle and open the door slowly. The light was already on inside the room, but what revealed to me was a room of elegant proportions. The bed which I would be laying down on during the process was a four-post king sized bed, with an antique oak finish, I swear it's much bigger than the bed I currently own at my house.

Beside the bed was a comfortable looking chair, that Michaela would sit on beside me to perform the procedure, surprisingly there was medical equipment, a heart-rate monitor on the left of the bed, a water drip sat next to it, and a defib located at the foot of the bed. I think these are all just precautionary devices in case something goes wrong, which I'm guaranteed it won't go wrong, because, well think about it, they are vampires', they know their stuff. The room had that old-fashioned eighteen hundreds theme to it; big drape curtains covered the windows, which were thick and patterned. A digital clock was mounted on the far wall displaying the time; it was currently 8:45pm. As I looked over the bed, I rush of nausea and nervousness overwhelmed me, earlier talking about it, I didn't feel so bad, but now that it's 'actually' happening, the shock has finally kicked in.

I gulped nervously. This isn't a bad idea, is it? I'm going through with it, they have all assured me everything will go smoothly and the changes will take two days for full affect. Michaela watched me as I took in my surroundings of the exotic bedroom that they had. The room looked nice though, I noticed there were picture frames mounted on the far wall, I slowly walked as my shoes tapped against the polished wood floor to observe them. I noticed that the picture frames were pictures of Michaela and her family. As I scanned my eyes downwards, to the chests of drawers that were located adjacent to the wall, there were picture frames that sat atop of it. One caught my eye as I picked it up in my right hand and held it in front of me; the photo is of Michaela, when she was young. The photo was of her in a school uniform that looked like the uniform of a private school. "I didn't go to a human school." Declares Michaela as she strolls up beside me.

I turn my head to look at her. "You're beautiful in this photo." I say as a give a smile. She smiles in return showing off her fangs. In the photo she is smiling, her fangs showing lightly. "Thank you, Jake; I was fifteen when that was taken. Just a young vampire back then, starting out, learning the grasps of being a vampire and taking the time to study our culture, our lifestyle. It was tough, but I got through it." I nodded, "So as you said, you didn't go to a human school, what kind of school was it?" I ask. "A private school for vampires." She replies. "That would be different to the school I went to, I did a brief stint at Chicago High, then went to college then joined the CIA Academy, what was it like?" I ask.

"It was awe-inspiring to say the least, it was me with my own kind, no humans, as I told you how the sun doesn't really affect us, it does to some of us, depending what family line you originated from, so most of the classes were done at night." She replies. "It sounds splendid, in fact it piques my interest, I would love to check it out sometime." I say. "Once you're in the final stages of your transformation I can take you there as no humans are allowed, it's in the country side of Chicago." She replies. I nod. "I would love to visit there sometime." I place the picture of Michaela back down on the dresser. "I'm ready when you are, Jake." Michaela says placing a hand on my shoulder.

I give a ragged sigh. "I'm ready." She looks to her mother and nods. As I walk to the bed; Michaela takes hold of my suit jacket as I allow her to take it off me. I unclip my holster and place it on the bedside table, as well as my badge. I sit on the edge of the bed, as I untie my shoe laces, kicking my shoes off as I lay down on the nice comfortable antique bed. Michaela's aunt, Uncle Martin, two brothers and sisters and father stood around my bed, at different allocated spots around the room.

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