Prologue: CIA HQ

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A knock was at my office door, I looked up from my computer monitor, as Special Agent Tom Matheson poked his head through the doorway. "Busy?" he asked. "Define busy?" I raise an eyebrow at him. "Well Jake, you're the one who had missed lunch break, everyone was wondering where you were." He says walking into my office and taking a seat.

I continued typing up my report on my computer. "I had to finish my report from the previous investigation we did." I say, as I raise my eyes to look at him. "Oh yes, that the one where that girl was a shape-shifter." He says matter-of-factly.

"For the third time, Tom, she was not a shape-shifter, they do NOT exist, stop living in a fantasy land." I say as I waved him off. "Bullshit, Jake, you damn well know they do exist, then why, when we and the help of Chicago PD decided to enter her house with a warrant, she WAS in her house, but suddenly vanished in an instant like it was some sort of magic trick."

I stopped typing and thought about it. "I don't know, I did read your report on it, but that doesn't matter, what the point is that we're the CIA, not a fantasy organization, we take our jobs seriously, we don't believe in fairy tales."He banged a fist on my desk, "Damn it, Jake, for once why don't you ever believe me? Why is everyone in the agency acting so biased? I know what I saw."

I stopped what I was doing and leaned back in my office chair, as I cupped my hands pressing my finger tips together under my chin. "Tom, maybe because everyone here at the CIA knows that you're going through a divorce, doesn't have the current custody of your kids and acting delusional."

He paused. "Well, yeah, that's what is exactly happening to me." I pointed a finger at him, "Bingo, there you go." I typed some more of my report. He leaned in his chair. "Have you even noticed how strange things are now?" He asked in a hushed whisper. I raised an eyebrow, in a 'Do you think I'm stupid' look. "Like what?" I ask. "Well, your wife." He mentions in a deliberating manner as he crosses his arms.

I eye him with a look of anger. "Tom, I maybe be good friends with you and worked with you, how many years in the CIA? Ten? But you have no right to talk about my wife like that and hail accusations at her for everything being 'strange' lately."

"Is it not catching on with you yet? There's something different about her, I know it, I can sense it, and I know you too have been married for two years, just be careful around her, I did see that hot blonde eyeing you off yesterday if that will change your mind."

I squinted at him, "Do you want me to taser you in the balls?" His smile vanished.

I nodded my head appreciatively. "Good. Didn't think so. Tom, I love Michaela so much that I would take a bullet for her in the line of duty, I care deeply about her, you of all people should know that, you have met her countless of times from all the Christmas parties we have invited you to, she is extremely nice and polite and yes she is very attractive."He sighed. "Fine. I will drop it, yes you're right, I shouldn't be accusing Michaela of anything. I apologize."

"Good, thank you, Agent Danger Tom." I say smiling. "Don't call me that, I know what that was like at the academy." He says as he shook his head mildly annoyed.

I reached over and took hold of my Styrofoam cup of coffee from Starbucks, tilted it and took a swig of it as I sat it back down on my desk. "So what are the plans for Special Agent Lawson on this Friday?" he asked nonchalantly. "I'm having a nice dinner tonight with Michaela's family at her parents place." I reply, as noticing I just received an email.

"Oh, cool, am I invited?" he asked. I give him a bland look; he puts his hands up in defense. "Guilty as charged." "So how is Michaela going anyway?" he asks, playing with my stapler on my desk.

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