Part 18

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Sorry everyone, this will be the finale.
Three more Steven universe x readers will be coming out, one of them will be jasper because she LITERALLY MADE ME REALIZE I LIKED FEMALES

"Blue do you have any idea what you're doing?" I asked and chuckled a bit looking at her. She was getting confused with new technology, as no one ever really explained these things to the diamonds.
"No I don't." She said and looked back at me with a half smile that was just begging me for help.
It had been around five years since everything with pink diamond and Steven and white diamond... it was strange to say the least, I didn't really know how to react to it even now.
The fusion, garnet, had talked us through what marriage was three years after, but we only decided to try the earth tradition a few months ago. We did have rings, but they were simple metal bands. Having a gem stone would be strange.
I looked at the screen in her hands and pressed a few buttons, getting her to the place she needed to be. She was checking in on a fleet going to check on another colony.
Things had cleared up there so much, to the point that I wasn't afraid to say I love you to blue in public anymore, and we were publicly together. We had never fused, that was still a controversy around here but it was getting better overtime...

"How do you think things would have ended if you weren't there (Yn)?"


"Would things have ended differently if you weren't there? I know you somehow changed the outcome..."

I doubt it
"Maybe, I know you changed my outcome. I most likely would have been shattered in that god forsaken zoo"

"I'm glad you're here."

And there's my awkward finale.
I'm sorry guys, I can't work on something for this long and stay as interested as I wanted to be.
I kinda lost interest a while ago in this specific story, but I promise more Steven universe is coming.

Thank you all for reading.

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