Part 16

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I just realized that I didn't write anything for alone together or together alone or whatever because there was another episode with the same name but swapped so I'm confused
Basically here we go!!

Pink diamond prepared a ball. I was to watch the dancing part with my diamond but other than that I was not able to be in the room. I could tell that white diamond wasn't there as I was sitting outside and still saw the bright light from inside her ship. I saw her pearl though....
everything about white diamond confused me... she barely showed up for anything, blue told me she was uncooperative... everyone knew she had a temper.
I sighed as blue pearl called me in. I took one last look at white diamonds ship and then turned back and walked inside.
I honestly didn't like the dancing part of things. It wasn't very entertaining for me, but blue looked happy so I was happy. Pink diamond- steven got down with his human friend  and started dancing. I was confused but was more like, hey it's a diamond let him do whatever he wants.
But then they fused

Long story short blue was not happy, not as angry as yellow though.
"Pink! Unfuse now or I'll make you!" Blue said as she stood up.
"You'll have to go through me!" The garnet said as it fused. Then the pearl and amethyst fused...
Then these random two gems that I didn't know. They looked very happy, they looked like they were about to cry honestly.
But yellow diamond snapped. What was I supposed to do? Trying to stop her would result in something bad happening to me, maybe even shattering...
I would stand up if blue hadn't come into my life. I would have taken the chance...
Instead a drew my weapon, making eye contact with yellow. It was obviously a threat not to attack the last fusion, not like she would it was pink diamond...
She silently looked back at the fusion and grabbed her by the arm, storming out of the room.
Suddenly I realized I could be shattered for even having my weapon, and quietly dropped it to the floor. I turned and ran to the place I was earlier, overlooking white diamonds ship.

I thought I heard white diamond speaking... but I shrugged it off, sitting on the edge of the balcony like thing.

I have to do something.

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