Part 3

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Blue pearl and I were talking on the ship, our personalities didn't fit well but I tried. She seemed really nervous and anxious. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that yellow diamond had yelled at blue diamond...

I ended up staying a lot longer then I planned...

After only a few weeks I had been told that I didn't have to do the stupid salute and be so formal. I started saying blue instead of my diamond.
I didn't think blue and her pearl were as close as they were. Pearl knew everything about blue and blue knew everything about her pearl.... I guess that made sense, seeing as they spent every second together.
Blue was much more out there and happy when she wasn't constantly being reminded of pink diamond, and she was way different when it was just us three.
I saw another gem with yellow diamond once, but I couldn't tell what she was and I barely ever saw her after that.
I started humming to myself and layed on the floor.
"What are you singing?" Blue asked kneeling next to me. I sat infront of her.
"It's called Shine On. I learned it from earth."
"What does it say?"
"Are you asking me to sing?"
"I mean- yes?"
"Alright..." I paused and started singing for this diamond that just randomly asked me to sing. "Knock me off of my feet but I think it's time for me to start walking again. Stop running away from it. Next time you see me I will be singing a new song. I am learning, to shine on." If you know this I swear to god you are now my best friend!!
"Why don't you sing more often" she smiled at me and I started choking on my own words.
"You're a good singer, why don't you sing more often?"
"I um... I was always told that (yn)s don't sing... so I never really did"
"You can sing here, I like your voice."
"Uh- thank you!" I smiled at her.

That song is a huge part of my childhood and it's country yes but I like every kind of music so I don't really care. I loved this song since I was little and I'll never forget it!

You may recognize my profile picture a little more now <3

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