Part 1

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so because idk how to explain this any other way the gem you are (whatever you are) is like a warrior gem like an amethyst or jasper.

so apparently I was a dumbass and didn't explain that the diamonds are around the same height as the reader, just a bit taller.

I heard holly blue agate yelling at some amethysts. I was terrified, she didn't hurt us but screamed at us every second of the day. I had trauma issues after the war, I was the only gem of my cut to survive the war. I saw them all shatter infront of me.
I started crying as I heard the door open. The pinkish light of the room cat a tint on my skin. I was in the room with the quartz soldiers all bubbled and frozen in time.
I knew yellow diamond wanted them shattered, but I had never met any of the diamonds.
"Pearl, close the door." I was behind a pillar so whoever was in the room with me didn't see me. I looked over to see frickin blue diamonds pearl. I saw some of the color drain from her face and she looked like she was about to laugh at me. She noticed the tears on my face and just looked up at her diamond, and then back to me. "Pearl, what are you looking at?" I froze as she pointed at me. I made eye contact with blue diamond and quickly got into the salute.
"What would a (yn) be doing here?" I stayed silent for like two seconds before I answered. I knew if I lied I would definitely be shattered, but the truth might get my shattered also.
"I-I was scared of our agate... m-my diamond... so I came in here to g-get away..."
"I thought I told her to stop being so rough with all of you." She sounded slightly angry. "You can stay in here until I leave. What's your cut number?"
"I thought their weren't any more of you?"
"I am the only one- my diamond..."
"You can come and stay with me if you would like. Yellow says I should get someone to talk to..."
"A-are you sure I'm the... I'm the right gem for this- I- i mean-"
"You lost others close to you didn't you?" I slowly nodded. "Then I think you're perfect."

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