Part 9

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I'm listening to non stop, satisfied and congratulations from Hamilton...

Good god here we go.

Yellow got impatient with the cluster, I was just pacing on the way to earth. Not knowing how to react to anything. I was still confused on why this was all happening.
It didn't feel like it had been very long. My entire life turned around in a few months, and it all happened too fast. I'll never forget the things that happened during that war... the feeling of your gem being cracked, nearly shattered, with the leader of the rebellion in front of you, sword in hand. I stopped pacing and sat against the wall, just thinking.
Maybe I should have joined the crystal gems... rose did save me after all.....
But then I would have never met blue. and if I were to join them now, I would be leaving her. But it would also calm both the diamonds down about the situation... no that would calm blue down, not the other two.
"I- (yn)?" Blue pearl looked at me weird from the doorway. "Are you ok?"
"What do you think?"
"I'll take that as a no."
"Not exactly."
"Well... Whats upsetting you?"
"Jut thinking back to the war..."
"You should get out there with blue diamond before we get close to earth. She isn't going to take this easy."
"Alright." She helped me up and walked me to blue. We talked along the way, just stupid things.
You have no control who lives who dies who tells your story
Where did I hear that?
Why was it just now coming back to me?
History has its eyes on you.
Why was this all coming to me now?!
Who said this to me?
I tried to bring back the memory. Why was it so pressed down... what memories did o try to forget... the kindergarten.
I remember the first time I opened my eyes I was told that we were to go straight to pink diamond. Was that her? Everything was blurred and faded in that memory. I saw pink, the color, but I couldn't tell who it was.
But remember from here on in, history has its eyes on you.

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