Part 2

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I was frozen... nothing I did was perfect in any way. That why the rest of us were shattered, because we were imperfect... we couldn't fight as well as intended.
Blue left for about two hours and just came back. I had to come with her of course but I just stood next to her like her pearl.
I walked next to her pearl most of the time as we walked back into the zoo. I remember a few amethysts following behind and freaking out about me. I looked back and smiled at them and awkwardly smiled. What was I supposed to say? They were my friends but I didn't know what to do. What do you say when you randomly are just WITH A DIAMOND?!
I really couldn't do anything but keep following her.
We walked through the door into the large room with all of the rose quartz soldiers, all bubbled in a group near the ceiling. I could imagine how terrified they must have been, all being bubbled like that...
Blue diamond told me that I could stay outside and a few minutes after she closed the door I saw yellow diamond walk in.
One of the amethysts came up to me.
"We left you alone for like two seconds" she said jokingly.
"Yeah. Yeah this all happened pretty fast! I don't even really know what's happening!!"
"You're assigned to BLUE DIAMOND! (Yn) You're part of a diamond court!" She hugged me and continued freaking out. I was starting to get grasp of what was happening.  "Holly Blue was freaking out! And not in a good way!"
"Great. I have to deal with her now don't I?"
"No! She can't touch you! There's a sapphire here too. She has her own amethyst and ruby and stuff."
"She must be pretty high up there. Be careful because I'm gonna be gone for a little while."
"Yeah... take care of yourself (yn)"
"Don't worry I'll try."

Guys I'm so sorry this took so long. Schools been a little hard and there's a dance coming up and stuff and I'm just kinda stressed.
Thank you guys so much for all of your support!
I have been thinking about making some pretty big decisions too, and I'm finding out some things that may be wrong with me so AHHHH

I'm just stressed so it might be a little while until I write again
Sorry guys

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