Part 4

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I'm writing this right after part three and my heart will go on started playing gimme a minute I'm gonna just listen to this and stare out the car window like an idiot.

Ok I'm done

It had been a few weeks since the while singing this. We had gone back to the zoo a few times and one time blue pearl and I were able to go see my friends, I wanted to introduce them.

"Friends with a pearl eh (yn)?" An amethyst said messing with my hair.
"Yeah, can't help but talk to one when you only have two gems to talk to."
"OH MY STARS IS THAT BLUE DIAMONDS PEARL?!" Holly blue yelled walking by. I silently waved at her and gave her a smile that just said I win.
"Yep. Want to meet my new friend holly blue?" She just walked away, obviously angered.
"Are you friends with Blue Diamond too or just her pearl?" The same amethyst asked.
"Both. But I won't forget you guys I promise."
"Good, we don't need to lose you too!" She said jokingly. Blue pearl was laughing as we starters to laugh because of how much of a mess my hair was. Blue started laughing to when she saw me, my hair was a mess and all frizzy.
I fixed my hair when we got in the ship and we were all still laughing about it.
"All the shine of a thousand spotlights," I started singing quietly "all the stars we steal from the night sky-"
"Will never be enough" blue continued. "Never be enough"
"Towers of gold are still too little, these hands could hold the world but it'll never be enough."
"Never be enough, for me." I just froze for a second trying to figure out if that actually just happened. "Yeah I know that one"
"It's one of my favorites."
"It's nice, definitely."


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