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I stared at Ethan with warm eyes. I'd missed his company too much. I kissed him softly as he held me. He nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck, leaving soft kisses.

"Amelia, I want to marry you." He said against my neck. It was an impossible request. I was divorcing Dr. Crazy for this man and I really wasn't about to commit again. Especially when I hadn't even told Violet.

Dr. Dooley was at the lab again as he always was, working up a crazy concoction that he would be frustrated about each night when he came home and he's always, always take it out on us.

Except after he found out about Ethan, he wasn't coming home. I was grateful to have the home to myself.

I'd always been careful to keep my models away from him in case he decided to cheat on me with one of them when I was creating clothing items for them. But I was merely frying my fears and tossing them onto him. My insecurities of him cheating on me were fueled by me cheating on him without his knowledge.

I didn't care though. Our love was far gone years after Violet was born and we'd decided to stay together until our daughter turned 18. But we couldn't... it couldn't even last that long no matter how hard we tried. He was an absolute nightmare to live with.

We now lived separately thank goodness and I had Ethan sneaking in and out each weekend.

I heard the front door slam shut and I rushed down the stairs. I gave him an apologetic look on my way out.

"Violet." I said, my eyes widening. She had a boy standing beside her, too close for my taste, "Who is this?" I questioned.

"Aaron." She replied and grabbed his arm and walked right past me.

"Wait right there young lady. We do not bring random men into our home. Be a lady." I turned to face them.

"Explain the dude in your bed upstairs then, lady." Violet said, her gaze fiery as I stood there speechless.

"Violet," I reached for her arm as she quickly moved past me and rushed upstairs. "Boy, keep your hands off my daughter." I shouted.

"Yes ma'am." I heard a smooth voice say as a door slammed.

Infuriating, my dear innocent Violet had just brought a boy into the room. I wasn't  sure what I was supposed to do. My innocent baby girl was grown up now.

I creeped up the stairs and sat beside her door, within moments, Ethan was beside me.

"What are you doing?" He chuckled, sitting beside me on the carpet.

"Violet brought a boy into her room and shut the door." I whispered as he laughed.

"Maybe you can bring a boy back into your room and he can show you what a man feels like." Ethan smirked as I looked up at him. Listening in on my daughter and her boyfriend was probably not the mature thing to do anyway. I stood up and walked back to my room, Ethan trailing behind me.

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