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Jenna POV:

Miles and Matt were still running behind me, I hadn't noticed how long I'd been running. My legs couldn't hold me any longer and I collapsed in the corner of a street. I heard footsteps approach me and saw that it was Matt and Miles.

Miles' face was filled with worry, same with Matt.


"Don't Miles. I don't even care. I should've known he was in love with her. I obviously wasn't good enough for him"

Matt still hadn't said anything and was just standing there.

"Jenna. I knew about this. I caught alex kissing her at the bar two days ago. He might've still been seeing arielle before that. I'm sorry."

I was so shocked, but I wasn't at the same time. I should've known my boring life wouldn't work out with Alex's rock and roll life.

But what about Matt? And Jamie? And Nick? They all have wives and girlfriends they've been devoted to. Alex just doesn't know how to love someone. It's not my fault.

"It's ok Matt. It was gonna happen."

Miles was so angry, I could see his fists trembling. I almost felt bad for alex when miles would be done with him. Almost.

"Haha, I wonder how he's going to explain to his mom about why I'm not there. She can realize her son is a cheating scum. Poor penny. She's such a sweet mum" I just said that to break the akward silence.

Miles just remained quiet.

"Jenna get on my back." Matt offered, noticing that I was wearing super high heels.

It reminded me of last night when I had Al give me a ride. I thought everything was happy between us.. But he was cheating on me.

"Thanks matty. I seriously love you two so much. Thank you. "

"No worries love. Hop on"

Matt carried me all the way back to the festival grounds, which ended up being a twenty minute walk.

Breana and Katie came rushing out towards me.

"What happened?? Jenna!?"

Matt answered for me, noticing I obviously didn't want to talk about it.

"Erm.. I'll tell yous later. "

Matt, Breana, and Katie left which left me and Miles alone outside.

"Jenna, I'm so sorry. Really."

"It's ok Miles. It was bound to happen"

To my surprise, Alex came rushing out towards me.

I turned my back and walked the other direction with Miles not wanting to talk to him.

"Jenna please. Listen. It was a mistake. Please. You can't leave me."

His voice was cracking and he was on the verge of tears.

He held my shoulders and turned me around.

"It's over Al. Matt told me everything. You can go back to Arielle. She's the one you love."

Alex suddenly started panicking and crying at the same time.

"No no no. You can't leave me. I don't love arielle. She just threw herself at me! Jenna please. You're my world."

At this point he was just making me angry. 'She just threw herself at me'. Does he take me for some kind of idiot?

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