Jenna POV

"Miles. I want to move out and get a fresh start. I can't live with you. It's just going to remind me of all the memories.. And maybe Suki can move in instead?"

"Are you sure Jenna?"

"Positive. I still have my old flat. I left that because of Jack, but I'm completely over him now."

"Alright love. Most of your stuff is already packed right now.."

"Yeah we can just drive there and drop everything off right now. You remember where it is right?"

Miles just nodded his head smiling. He obviously knew where it was. We had spent so many nights drinking and watching movies and partying. All my memories with him were in that house.

We just made small talk during the drive there. I still couldn't get the image of Alex snogging Arielle on the couch. I was fucking stupid. I wasted almost a year of my life with Alex. What was I thinking? It was never going to last.

I guess love's not only blind, but deaf.

The problem is that I still love him. I'm going to miss his amazing kisses. No one's lips have ever felt so good on mine. His soft touches that sent electricity through my body. His dirty jokes. His cute laugh, and how his forehead would wrinkle when he smiled. His cigarette scented leather jackets and his lovely cologne.

But I have to get over him.

We finally arrived at my flat. I opened the door and felt a sudden rush of coolness hit my body. I hadn't heated my flat in two months, it was freezing in there.

"Geez Jenna, got any heating?" Miles started shivering and he looked so cute.

"Yeah I just haven't been here in a long time ya idiot"

I made my way over to the heat and turned it on. I saw some coffee lying around and my coffee maker.

"Miles you wanna cuppa?"

"Yes please!"

I made the coffees and handed one to Miles. We sat down on the couch and sipped our drinks until we felt warm.

"Shall we start unpacking love?"

"Yeah.. gotta get started sometime."

We carried my boxes and dumped them in my bedroom. Most of my furniture and stuff hadn't been moved, only my clothes and shoes.

I was busy folding and hanging when miles asked me something.


"Mhmm?" I was still busy folding my clothes and didn't look up.

"Me albums comin out in two days .. You comin to the release?"

I was about to obviously say yes, but then I remembered. Alex was going to be there.

"Is alex gonna be there?"

He shuffled uncomfortably, trying to come up with an answer that wouldn't sound too bad.

"Mm.. Yeah probably. But you guys obviously don't need to talk. I really want you to be there!"

"Of course I'll be there. I wouldn't miss it for the world. Even if that dick'ead is gonna be there"

He chuckled and gave me a big hug. We were finally done unpacking and we were both quite tired.

"I'm gonna head home love. Quite tired honestly."

"You sure? You can crash here tonight if you'd like..."

"Nah I'd better head home. Suki is waiting for me."

"A'ight night Mi. Thanks for everything. Love youuuuu"

He chuckled and gave me a kiss on the head. I opened the door and watched him leave.

My first night being alone in a year.

I closed the door, took a quick shower, and went straight to bed.

I tossed and turned, not being able to go to sleep. I didn't want to admit it, but it was because Alex wasn't next to me.

He wasn't draping his arm lazily around my waist or whispering sweet things in my ear in between little giggles. I finally feel asleep after an hour of sleeplessness.

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