Jenna POV

      I walked back into the house with buterflies in my stomach. How did I actually like Alex? Before the date, I absolutely despised him but he turned out to be the most genuine and kind guy I've ever met.

As I entered the house, Miles was in the kitchen eating his dinner and on his phone, probably updating his twitter or Instagram.

I walked over to him and he finally looked up.

"Hey babe! How was your date?" he asked with his eyerows slightly raised.

I told him all about it and how my view on Alex had completely changed. I'm usually not open to telling my feelings to other people, but I felt so comfortable with Miles. He's always been my best friend and he was so helpful with advice.

After our long chat, I was exhausted and said good night. After taking a quick shower, I instantly fell asleep, and that was the first night I started dreaming about him. Alex.

   The loud sound of Miles' music woke me up at around 10 A.M. Reaching over on my bedstand, I grabbed my phone only to be surprised by a text from Alex.

From: Alexbandguy

"good morning love. Had lots of fun last night. Would you like to meet up for coffee today at about 10:30? xx"

To: Alexbandguy

"Yeah sure! How about I meet you by the Starbucks down my street at 10:30?"

His reply was instantaneous.

From: Alexbandguy

"Sure love. see you then. xx"

    I had about 20 minutes to get ready and walk over. Making my way to the bathroom, I washed my face and brushed my teeth.

I applied some simple makeup consisting of foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. As for my outfit, I chose some black skinny jeans, chelsea boots, and a grey Beatles shirt. Saying goodbye to Miles, I headed out towards the coffee shop.

Alex POV

     I was so happy that Jenna decided to come to the coffee shop with me. I think she had started to like me after last night's date. Getting out of the car, I walked into the shop and sat at a small table in the corner for two people. It's hard not getting noticed these days after the success of our AM album so I try and find secluded areas.

. The sound of a door opening made me look up, and I saw Jenna walk in.

She looked so beautiful in a simple T-shirt and jeans outfit. She walked over to the table and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek.

Suddenly, the cameras went crazy from the outside. Papparazzi can be very annoying at times. She easily brushed it off and grabbed my hand to make our way to the line to order our drinks and pastries. I paid and grabbed our drinks to go and sit back at the table.

We stayed at the coffee shop for about two hours just talking about our lives, jobs and basically anything interesting.

"Well darlin', what'dya say we make our way to the car and do something fun today?" I asked her hoping she would agree to hanging out with me for the day.

"umm. sure Alex! How about a bit of shopping if you don't mind? I actually need to get some new jeans..It's totally ok if you don't want to."

"Of course love. It'll be fun. Shall we go now?"

"Yeh now would be good. It's about 12:30 right now!". We exited the coffee shop, walked to my car, and made  our way to the shopping center.

sorry guys this is just a filler! I have a lot of exciting stuff planned to happen. Comment below of what you think and how I can make the story better. :)

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