One week later: Jenna POV

After I spent the night at Alex's house, things between us changed. In a good way, of course. We weren't so awkward around each other, and it was as if we were in love again. Always cuddling, kissing, laughing, not a care in the world. Alex left a couple days later for a 2 day show in Manchester so I was left alone in London. He was gonna meet me at my baby appointment so we could find out the gender.

I spent the two days with Breana while we went shopping. Kelly had invited Breana and I over for dinner since Katie and the rest of the monkeys were in Manchester. Overall, it was a pretty nice weekend.

Day of appointment:

I woke up to the familiar scent of cigarettes and leather that made me smile. I felt Alex's small kisses on my neck which made me giggle.
"Jenna.. I missed you so much."
I reached my hand to touch his cheek and gave him a small kiss.

"I missed you too Al. How were the shows?"
"They were quite fun actually, my guitar broke on stage during Arabella.. During my guitar solo."

"Aww. That sucks. But you probably did some hip movements to make up for it right?"

He stifled a small giggle, knowing that I was right.
"How did you know silly?"
"I know everything." I poked him on the nose and got out of bed to take a quick shower.
"I'll make some breakfast while you're in there Jen."
"Alright then."

After I got out of the shower, Alex and I both ate breakfast and got ready to go to the baby appointment.

"Let's go Jenna, I'll drive."

The drive to the hospital wasn't that long, only about twenty minutes. We quickly arrived and entered the office to sign in.
Alex walked up to the desk and took care of everything.

Alex POV
"Hi, appointment for Turner."
The lady behind the desk was old but polite.
"Ah yes. Baby checkup?"
A small laugh escaped my lips. I was so excited about having a baby even though I never thought I wanted children.
"Good luck sir."

I walked over to Jenna and sat down next to her on one of the empty chairs and held her hand. She anxiously looked over at me with a small smile playing at her lips. I reached over and kissed her check while rubbing her cold hand.

After a couple minutes in the waiting room, a woman came through the door with a clipboard.
I looked over at Jenna and helped her up.
We followed the woman into another room with a bed and a chair.
"Ma'am if you could lay down on the bed please."

"Yeah sure."

"My name is Jackie, I'll be helping you today."

Jenna walked over to the bed and laid down, pulling her shirt up. The nurse attached a device to her and rubbed a blue gel onto her stomach. Jenna and I locked eyes together and I gave her another kiss on the cheek. We were both really excited.

The screen beside the bed turned on and what seemed to be a stomach showed up on the screen. The nurse moved around the device to try and find the fetus.

After a minute, nothing was showing up on the screen.

Jenna was looking extremely worried and beads of sweat were forming on her face. My hands were growing cold and I squeezed Jenna's hand harder.
The screen shut off.

The nurse turned around with a blank look on her face.
"Mrs. turner, I'm afraid you lost the baby."

The second those words came out of her mouth, my heart dropped. Oh god.

I looked over at Jenna nervously to see her eyes filled with tears. She didn't make a single noise.

"I'm sorry but how is this possible? I'm sure Jenna didn't drink at all or smoke anything. Right?"

I looked over at Jenna to see her nodding her head, agreeing with me.

"This can sometimes happen, I'm sure it's not your fault Mrs. Turner. Would you like pills or surgery to get rid of the fetus?"

Jenna looked down at her hands with no emotion.


"Alright, I'll get those ready for you and give them to you before you leave."

The nurse left the room, leaving only me and Jenna in there. I walked closer to her and gave her a hug. She silently cried into my jacket while I hugged her tightly. The baby was the only thing keeping us together, at least for her. Would we still be together after this?

Five minutes passed and the nurse finally came in to give us her medicine.

"I'm so sorry Miss Turner. Feel free to call us with any questions regarding the medication. "

Jenna wasn't talking at all so I thanked the nurse and walked her out.

We silently walked to the car together. The car ride home was quiet and depressing. Jenna was silently crying the whole way home while I tried my hardest to hold back my tears. We finally arrived home.

Jenna walked ahead of me and quickly
went into the house. She walked into her room and locked the door.

I took off my boots and walked over to her room to try and talk to her.

"Jenna please open the door."
"No. Go away alex."
"Alex? What happened to Al?" I added in a small laugh to try and lighten the mood but it obviously wasn't working.
"Look, just fuck off please."
"Jenna, I don't know what I fucking did ! Just open the damn door." She didn't reply but opened the door a minute later.

Her mascara and eyeliner were all smudged. (Yes, I have knowledge of makeup since my past two girlfriends wore tons of it)

"Oh Jen." I hugged her tightly and nuzzled my face into her neck. Picking her up like a bride, I carried her to her bed and tucked her in under the covers. Her hair was in her face so I pushed it out of the way and gave her some tissues to clean herself up.

" 'ere love. Mind if I join you?"
She sniffed a bit in between her sentences. "No it's fine."

I took off my leather jacket and jeans, throwing them on the ground. I crawled in next to Jenna and held her in my arms. She was so beautiful in that moment. I kissed her all over her face and neck.

"It's gonna all be ok. It's gonna be ok."
I kept repeating that along with other encouraging words until she feel asleep. It was only 12 p.m., but we were both sad, tired, and just not in the mood to be awake.

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