•••••••2 days later: Don't Forget Who You Are release party••••••

I woke up with a groan, not wanting to get up. Today was the release of the album, which meant I was going to be in the same room as Alex. Which meant confrontation.

I quickly took a shower and straightened my hair. I applied foundation, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, and a bit of eyeshadow. I chose out a black long sleeve bodycon dress that came up to the middle of my thigh and my black pumps. I matched a large blue statement necklace to go along with it.

Quickly spraying some perfume and grabbing my keys and purse, I rushed to my car not wanting to be late.

It was a twenty minute drive to the ballroom area where it was being held. There were tons of papparazzi around, since a lot of celebrities were attending.

I reluctantly walked in and spotted Miles. He was talking to someone but I wasn't able to see who it was.



"You look fucking amazing!"

"You too mi! I love this striped suit of yours."

The guy who miles was talking to turned around and looked me in the eyes.


His mouth dropped open and he just stared at me for a minute. I was feeling extremely uncomfortable under his stare and decided to go and find Katie. As soon as I turned around, I felt someone grab onto my arm.

I turned around and looked at alex.

"Jenna.. We need to talk. Please. We can't just leave it. "

"What is there to talk about? You obviously like Arielle."

Instead of waiting for his answer, I quickly walked off and spotted Katie and Breana talking in the corner.

They turned around and noticed me.

"Jenna!" They ran over to me and gave me giant hugs.

"We heard about what happened.. we're so sorry."

"it's ok. I'll get over it soon"

"Honestly, if I were you I'd stay in my house for a month and eat ice cream every day. You guys were the perfect couple."

"Katie, honestly I do want to do that... But I don't want to make myself feel worse. I think I just need a day out with you girls!"

"We missed you at penny's birthday dinner! You should've seen the disapproving looks she was giving Alex after finding out that he cheated on you." Breana was laughing as she was describing penny's reaction.

" He totally deserved it too!" Katie piped in.

"Yeah he did... I'm gonna go get a drink. You girls need anything?"

"No we are good Hun. See ya around tonight?"

"Of course!"

I waved goodbye to them and made my way to the bar. It was decent sized, it had about twenty seats lined up. I ordered a vodka and coke. I found a seat and sat down, my heels were killing me.

"Hey love." I was greeted with an unfamiliar voice. I turned my head and was greeted with a handsome man. He was about 6 feet, brown hair and green eyes.

"Hi." I wasn't sure how to greet him, I had never met this guy before.

"I'm Rob. And you are?"

"Jenna. Nice to meet you."

I shook his hand. He turned out to be such a nice guy, and quite good looking too.

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