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Jenna POV

I woke up to a cold bed. I turned around and realized that Alex wasn't there.. Where could he be? My phone was on the nightstand, and i saw that Alex had texted me.

From: AlexBandGuy

"Mornin' love, I'm out at band practice today until 4, practicing for Glastonbury coming up. I'll be home by then. Maybe catch up with your friends or summat? xx"

I suddenly remembered that Arctic Monkeys were headlining glastonbury 2013, and I know that Alex is nervous. I had kind of neglected my friends for a while, and hadn't seen Miles since I was always at Alex's house. I picked up the phone and called him.


"hey jenna! how are you darlin?"

"good miles, you?'

"yeah..good good. Well not really. Suki seems to be mad at me for some reason and left the house. I could use a day out honestly."

"Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to get lunch or something? Al is at band practice and I can't be arsed to stay at home all day"

"Yeah sure, how 'bout I pick you up at 12?"

"perfect. See you then."

I hung up the phone suddenly realizing that it was 11:30. I took a shower to freshen up a bit and and applied minimal makeup. I rummaged through my closet and finally decided on some ripped boyfriend jeans, kimono, and doc martens. As if on queue, Miles rang the doorbell and I ran downstairs.


I ran into his arms and gave him a bear hug. "jenna I missed you darl. Let's promise to see each other more often yeah?"

"of course babe. Let's go yeah?"

Without a notice, he lifted me onto his shoulders and ran to the car. We both giggled histerically and drove to the restaurant. we both took a seat and got settled in and ordered food.

"Miles, what were you saying about Suki?"

He looked at me with a confused look, obviously not knowing what he's done. "I dunno, she's saying I'm spending too much time in the studio and not enough with her, although her modeling is always conflicting my schedule. She has to realise that 'Dont Forget Who You Are' comes out in a week!"

"Miles, she made this excuse last time and then she broke up with you. She's not appreciating you, I think you should talk to her or else she's gonna break your heart once again."

"yeah you're right.. How;s it going with Al?"

"I absolutely love him, it's going great."

"You stole me best mate! He never comes around anymore you bitch!" He said with a laugh. We both chuckled and carried on talking. After eating, we did a bit of shopping until 7 and he dropped me off at home.

I opened the door and was greeted with a dark house. I turned on the lights and entered. "Al? babe I'm home!" No answer. I dialed his number but he didn't answer. He's probably out at a bar with the guys, I thought.


I stumbled around in the bar, taking my ninth shot of the night. The lads and I decided to go for a drink after practice, even though I told Jenna I'd be home at four. It was now nearing 12 o'clock. Suddenly, a girl from across the room started winking at me.I couldn't believe my eyes. Arielle?!

I made my way over, not thinking about Jenna, But i suddenly stopped. Jenna. No, it's fine. but..? Shel walked up to me and started chatting. Out of nowhere, she slammed me against a wall and started kissing me. I kissed back. What about Jenna? It's ok. It's just a drunken mistake. it lasted about five minutes until I heard a familair voice.

"What the fuck Alex?"

I turned around to see Matt glaring at me. Oh shit. He came over and dragged me out of the bar and into a taxi.

"What were you thinking?? What about Jenna? How could you do that to her?" I suddenly realized what I'd done. Jenna is probably at home right now worrying about where I am but instead I was snogging my ex girlfreind.

"Look Matt, please don't tell her. Please. I feel terrible. If Miles finds out, he'll kill me."

"I honestly can't believe you. We all love jenna. If I ever see you again I'm going to tell her, got it?"

I nodded quietly. The taxi stopped by my house and I got out. I anxiously unlocked the door and stepped in. There was jenna, pacing around the living room trying to get ahold of me. Her head shot up and a look of relief washed over her.

Jenna POV

I had been trying to get ahold of Al for the past four hours. It was nearing 12 a.m. and he said he would've been home eight hours earlier. The door suddenly unlocked and in walked Al. He reaked of alcohol and cigarettes. I should've been relieved to see him, but instead I felt anger. He walked over to me and tried kissing me but I pushed him away. "Where the fuck have you been? I've been trying to call you but you didn't answer!"

"babe I'm sorry.. I was at the bar with the lads. I think I lost me phone."

"Whatever Alex. I'm going to bed"

I quickly walked to my bed and fell asleep, not wanting to deal with a drunken Alex.

Matt POV

I really wanted to tell Jenna about Alex and Arielle. We've really grown close since she and Alex have been seeing each other, and I felt bad keeping a secret from her. How do I know Alex hasn't been seeing Arielle the whole time?

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