After we got a bit drunk, we watched a couple movies and made dinner. I curled up next to Alex on the couch and Miles sat next to me. I was in between the two people I loved the most. I could feel my eyes getting heavy, which Alex noticed.

"Are you getting sleepy darlin'? How 'bout we go off to your bed."

"What makes you think you're sleeping in my bed?" I noticed his cheeks turn red.

Miles started laughing at his embarrassment and I couldn't help but join in.

"Look who's been rejected by his own girlfriend!" Remarked Miles.

I gave him a friendly slap on the face and told Alex I was only joking.

"Babe don't worry you can sleep with me. I'm only messing with ya!"

Alex's disappointed face was now exchanged with his signature smirk. "Come on then love, let me carry you."

"Alex are you crazy? I'm like so fa.."

Before I could protest, Alex picked me up bridal style and carried me to my room. He threw me on the bed with a ton of force, only to jump on me and kiss me.

His kisses made me feel electric. I started moaning and tangled my fingers into his hair. A smirk spread across his face, knowing what he was doing to me.

I pulled his shirt off and ran my hands all over his toned body. He did the same to me and tugged at my pants. We ended up only in our underwear, with our lips still connected. I was quite tired, so we didn't take it any farther.

I heard Miles' voice from the hallway. "Keep it down will ya? I know what yous are doing in there! I need sleep so shut up before I kick alex out! "

We both started laughing at his comment but didn't say anything back. He gave me one last kiss on the lips and turned me around. Draping his arm around my waist, he nuzzled his face into my neck and entwined his legs into mine. He smelt like cigarettes and a bit of cologne. We fell asleep spooning each other.

••••••••••• next morning •••••••••

I woke up in Alex's arms and our legs intertwined. I looked up to his face and saw a little smile. He gave me a peck on the cheek and continued down my neck.

Every touch I got from him sent sparks down my body. We spent the next 20 minutes cuddling and kissing and finally decided to get up. I suddenly felt cold once I got out of the sheets, realizing that I was only in my underwear, Alex likewise. Alex noticed me shivering.

"Jenna, why don't you wear my shirt love? You're freezing darlin."

He walked over to me and handed me his shirt, along with a giant hug. I nuzzled my head into his chest while he kissed my head. I felt so safe in his arms, I hadn't felt loved in such a long time. I know Miles loved me, but this was different.

It was hard for me to let go of Alex and go freshen up but I was feeling a bit gross.

"darlin, how do some pancakes sound? I can go whip some up."

" Sure Al. Sounds great! Miles might be awake downstairs too. He'll show you around to the ingredients and stuff. "

I gave him a quick peck on the lips and entered the bathroom.

After freshening up, I walked downstairs and was met with a pleasant smell of pancakes and whipped cream. There was my gorgeous boyfriend flipping pancakes alongside my best friend. Life was great at the moment. All three of us had breakfast together and talked about all sorts of random things.

"hey babe, do you wanna go to my house or summat? Maybe hang with the boys... You should come too Miles!"

Miles declined the offer because of a date that he was going to have.

"MILES!?! YOU SHOULDVE TOLD ME YOU HAD A DATE!! WITH WHO?" I was glad Miles finally found himself a girl .. he'd been sulking ever since he broke up with Suki two years ago.

"Well.. Urm.. I ran into Suki the other day and we arranged to meet up.."

I wasn't too fond of having Suki with Miles again, after all she did break his heart. But I guess that made him happy. We finished up breakfast and Al and I made our way to his car.

He held my hand during the car ride occasionally stealing glances at me. It was silent, but a good silent. We were both happy in our thoughts. After about fifteen minutes, he pulled up to the apartment buildings (more like penthouse) that we met at during the party.

"this your house Al? I didn't know it was your party!"

"Yes and no. Matt and I are roommates, he was the one who decided who have the party. Not that I mind... I'm always up for a good party"

I chuckled and held his hand as we made our way into the elevator. He approached his door and fumbled around in his pockets until he found his keys. He walked in looking for Matt and the rest of the band.

"Any of yous around?" I spotted a note and motioned him to come over.

Alex. We're out at bar with nick and jamie. We might be home late.

"Well darlin' I guess we have the house for ourselves." He gave me a flirty wink which made me giggle.

" I'm not having sex with you right now Alex."

"I didn't ask to have sex!"

"alex babe, your wink gave it all away!"

"Ok fine you got me." He remarked with an eye roll.

I looked around his house and realized it was bigger than I remember. A bundle of photos on his wall intrigued me and I walked over.

Faces of Nick, Jamie, Matt, Alex, his parents, Miles, and a couple unknown people.

A photo of him hugging a girl from behind with a model face caught my eye. The girl was very pretty, she had nice cheekbones and full lips. I'm absolute garbage compared to her. I looked to my side and saw Alex staring at the photo as well, deep in thought.

"alex?" No reply.

"alex!?" he finally turned around with a blank look on his face.

"Yes darlin?"

" who is that?"

"Oh.. Um that's arielle. I dated her before you. Broke up with her bout a year ago or summat. Caught her cheating on me."

He said this with such a sadness that anyone else would say that he's still in love with her. I mean, he couldn't be? He asked me to be his girlfriend...

•••••Alex POV•••••

I really hope Jenna didn't think that I was still in love with Arielle. Because that's a lie. She broke my heart. But I must admit I still have some feelings.

I'd never take her back after what she did to me though. I think I love Jenna now. She's everything I want in a girl. Beautiful, personality and look wise. She's funny, has great taste in music, and genuine. She's perfect.

I never want to let her go.

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