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The weeks quickly passed by and the wedding went from 28 days to only 3 days away.

"Today's the rehearsal for the reception, dear. Aren't you excited?" Reginald asks as he and his fiancee walk down the corridor to the dining hall. 

Liliana smiles softly. "I am. Have all the guests arrived?"

"Yes, the castle hasn't been this crowded since my parents' wedding," Reginald answers as a small tinge of sadness appears on his face. Liliana reaches down and squeezes his hand, attempting to comfort him. He stops in his tracks and looks at Liliana.

"I know you miss your father...I'm sorry he can't be here to see how amazing you are, "Liliana softly says. He looks towards her and shakes his head. "Don't worry, dear, I'm fine. In fact, I'm better than ever, now that you're here with me," he smiles, tilting his head to the side to look at his lovely lady. "Thank you for everything, dear."

It seems like he's just putting on a strong front, but I won't say anything about it.

"Oh, I nearly forgot," he laughs happily. "I have a small surprise for you."


He opens up the door to the dining hall, allowing golden light to fall upon the duo. Dukes and duchesses roamed the hall. Liliana's eyes, however, were on something completely different.

"Amelia? Mrs. Florentine?"

No! This isn't right! They shouldn't be here at all!

Amelia and Mrs. Florentine rise from their table by the door and deeply curtsy towards their future King and Queen

"My lady," Amelia smiles, raising her head. "His Majesty was kind enough to invite both of us to attend."

Amelia's normal grey eyes were ringed with purple circles from sleeplessness. Her brown hair pulled tightly into a bun, slicked back with grease. 

Amelia had changed for the worse. Something awful must've happened...

Liliana glances at Mrs. Florentine and notices that the old woman still has a wide smile on her face; yet, she appeared just as tired as Amelia. 

Wasn't she upset that her own daughter wasn't the one marrying Reginald?

Liliana now looks at Reginald, but he remains smiling. 

"I knew that Amelia was your favorite maid so she had to come, obviously. And, since Mrs. Florentine is her mother and Amelia needs a chaperone, she came as well," Reginald informs.

"Thank you for having them," Liliana smiles at Reginald. "This is a wonderful surprise."

Reginald grabs Liliana's hand and squeezes it lightly. "I'd do anything for you, and this just seemed...right. I'm glad you enjoyed this surprise."

An unneeded surprise, too! I don't want them here!

He nods then turns towards the two commoners. "I'm going to greet the others at the head table, so please, pardon me." Reginald glances at Liliana. "Come over when you're done, alright?"

Liliana nods in agreement and he kisses her lightly on the cheek. Liliana smiles softly and watches as he walks away, the smile soon falling.

The only reason he hasn't full-on kissed her in public is the PDA rules in this society, but he hasn't refrained from deeply kissing Liliana in their private dining sessions. Liliana couldn't lie and say that's he's a bad kisser, but there was no connection there, especially with the plans conceived with the enemy looming overhead.

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