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"Catch up, Amelia!" Liliana laughs as her black hair billows around her in the wind. Liliana's new horse gallops even faster as a shriek sounds from behind them.

"My lady!" her maid-servant replies. "Slow down! Please!"

Liliana ignores Amelia's pleas by speeding up even more. Liliana glances at her left and sees the murky pond she emerged from only a month ago. 

In the blink of an eye, it was gone. 

Admittedly, the story hasn't progressed that much. Liliana has visited with the Fourth Prince from time to time, yet, he hasn't displayed any harsh feelings towards her, so even if Liliana doesn't end up marrying him he won't hold any contempt and kill her.

After all, the goal of this game is to marry a royal. Any of his 7 other siblings will do, especially since Liliana has started speaking more with the seventh half-brother, who is only six months younger than her. While he holds no wish to become the next King, he still has lots of power.

To tear her thoughts from this matter, Liliana presses her heels to the horse's underbelly and spurs it to go faster. Amelia sped up her horse in turn, yet Amelia paid no mind to the seemingly unimportant pond.

Amelia soon catches up to Liliana and the two slow down to a slow walk as they neared the town. Liliana's mother believed she was at a friend's house right now, discussing literature and eating pastries. In reality, Liliana decided to sneak away to the village disguised as a commoner, yet Amelia had caught her, so Amelia was forced to come along so she wouldn't snitch. 

"Amelia," Liliana muses, "do you not have family in this village?"

"I do, in fact," she quips back. "I haven't visited in a long while."

Amelia turned her azure gaze to Liliana. While Amelia's face was quite plain, she had beautiful, wide eyes with drooped corners under fair lashes. They seemed to sparkle in the sun or in a storm. "Why do you ask, my lady?"

"I was thinking you should visit them while I venture around town," Liliana suggests as a brief moment of joy flickers on Amelia's face before turning to one of concern.

"But who will tend to you, my lady?"

"Myself, I believe I can fight a whole lot better with a weapon on me." Liliana pats the hilt of the dagger that was on a belt for emphasis. "You don't even hold one. Consider this a...mini-vacation for you. We can meet at the town square before venturing back for the day."

Her brows furrowed, "Are you sure?"

"Positive! I absolutely insist, Amelia. Consider it an order." Liliana's face hardens and Amelia laughs slightly. "Alright, my lady, I shall obey your command."

Liliana grins and reaches into her pocket. She pulls out a few gold coins and places them in Amelia's hands. "Then, you can use a couple of these as well."

The maid's eyes widened at what she held in her hands. "M-My lady! I can't accept!"

"Too late!" Liliana laughs, spurring the horse to pick up speed once more. She could hear her exasperated shouts from behind as Liliana distanced herself then slowed down once more upon reaching the roads of the town. Liliana trotted to a stable and paid a small fee before she left her horse behind.

For most of the day, Liliana wandered around the village doing little things that fueled her heart with happiness. Visiting a bakery, getting involved in a children's soccer match, learning to play a (weird, but interesting) version of chess, going to the market and bartering for goods, and listening to a man play the fiddle. It was lots of fun, and Liliana planned to visit again.

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