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Crossing her arms in defiance, Liliana walks side-by-side with the black-eyed man around the park as a dangerous silence filled the air between them. Through the trees, Liliana could see flashes of scarlet move about before disappearing behind evergreen leaves.

"Who are you?" Liliana finally decides to ask. He hmmphs lightly as he glanced down at the raven-haired woman beside him. "I should be the one asking that question; yet, you only called yourself a 'nobody' when we first met."

"I am a nobody in the grand scheme of things," Liliana waves off.  "Just another faceless citizen in the kingdom."

"A Duke's daughter would never refer to her in such a way," he comments and Liliana arches a brow. 

So, he has looked into me.

"One would preserve their identity if they believe themselves to be in danger, would they not?" Liliana retorts and he nods. 

"I suppose so, Lady Marzinal."

"And what shall I call you, then?" Liliana asks, eager to put a name to his handsome face.

"Your savior?" he suggests, emitting a low scoff from Liliana.

"Don't become too egotistical now that you've helped me out once," she swipes back.  "Say, how's that wound I inflicted upon you?" Liliana asks. 

He pats his arm lightly. "Just fine."

There was a lull in the conversation for a moment before he decides to comment again.

"You are far from what the rumors say about you, Lady Marzinal, and I don't know whether that's a good or bad thing."

Liliana didn't know whether to feel ridiculed or complimented. 

"Always glad to be entertainment for you, sir, as that will always be my highest calling," Liliana sarcastically drawls out, deciding on the former. "But if all we are ever going to discuss is the matters of my behavior, I believe this will be a good place to close and end today's rendezvous."

"We still have many matters to discuss, Lady Marzinal," he informs as his face grows stern. "We made a deal, once upon a dream, that we would exchange a hit-for-a-hit."

"You wish to pierce me with your blade?" Liliana questions as her face pales slightly. Dying once was painful enough and she definitely didn't wish to experience that again.

"Not quite, unless you wish for me to?" he asks cockily.

"I'd rather you not, thank you." 

He nods firmly. "I need a favor, then."

"A favor?" she echoes as her brows lace together.

"Yes, quite a simple one. In three days time, I shall be journeying once more to the capital city for the 1st Prince's birthday ball. I shall need a partner to accompany me."

Liliana's face hardens. "I am attending that ball as well."

"It is a perfect fit, then-"

"With my fiancee," she on adds as his brows rise. "Oh, really? I did not know." Liliana noticed how he didn't bother to apologize at all.

"It's very low in profile as we wish to confirm it by the New Year," Liliana dryly comments. "That's why you wouldn't have heard of it alongside the other gossip you've seemingly collected about me."

"Actually, I already know," he chuckles. "That's why I need your assistance."

Well, that's quite a turn of events.

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