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"It's a beautiful morning in Seattle, with a temperature of 79 degrees. However, there are chances of rain showers this afternoon, which isn't unusual. Make sure to drive safe on the roads..." the radio host's voice crackles, waking a young girl from a peaceful slumber. Wavering fingers fumble for a plastic button, shifting over to a different XM station. Classical music floods her apartment, and she begins her morning routine.

Toothbrush, clothes, ponytail, apple, before pressing the off button.

She ends her morning routine by sliding on tennis shoes at the door and taking her lanyard, stringing it around her neck. She grabs the phone from the charging dock, earbuds already plugged in. With the click of her earbud, the music continues playing through her right earbud, the left unused and dangling..

At the door, she reaches to her right and picks up the thin cane, then exits her apartment.

After locking up, the girl heads down the stairs, pausing at the sound of feet from behind her

"Hello, Mrs. Jorgenson," she greets as the woman rasps out a laugh, crackled voice now directly behind the girl's ear.

"Good morning, dearie, how are you?" She asks as the girl continues walking. "Same old, same old. How're the grandkids?" the girl responds, eager to leave before she holds me up from making it to the bus.

"Just amazing...where are you going?" She asks, as the girl instinctively pat my uniform. "Going to school now, Mrs. Jorgenson."

"Oh! I thought it was a Saturday..." she trails off as their footsteps suddenly sound denser, now longer clanging on the metal of the stairs. Turning in her direction, the high schooler gives her a tight smile. "I must be off now, Mrs. Jorgenson. I'll see you later."

"Of course, of course," she chuckles. "Have a good day!"

The student waves her off, before proceeding down the block to the bus station. She sits on the cold, metallic bench until she hears the bus pull up with a familiar screech on slick pavement, wet from the night before. The bus doors crank open, emitting the smell of old tuna fish and bleach wipes.

"Hey, it's you. Thought you'd be drivin' by now 'and got a car during break," the bus driver laughs, and the girl chuckles. "Tom, please, if I purchased a car I wouldn't get to ride with you anymore. How was your trip to Cancun?" she asks, stepping onto the bus and pressing her lanyard into the machine, even though it did nothing. Sometimes, humoring the bus driver allows him to let you ride for free, even if it was mostly due to pity.

"Great," he lies. The girl's brows furrow at his lie but didn't say anything as she walks to the back of the bus, sitting down. She scrolls through her music list, pressing the start of her next playlist.

Old music from the 60's began, and she relaxed in my seat, preparing for the day ahead. When the playlist ended, she stood up, walking to the front of the bus.

"I don't know how ya' do it, even when I don't announce it," Tom chuckles, and she shrugs. "I've always been psychic."

"Ha!" Tom cranks the door open, and she steps out. Inhaling the fresher, yet denser air, she felt relieved. It was certainly better than smelling Tom's lunch-special from yesterday...

Rain season was beginning in Seattle, meaning that in a month's time, she'll be graduating from school and going to UP.

Falling into pace, the girl soon heard the other students milling about. They always gave her at least three feet of space, afraid to damage her like some fragile egg.

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