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Jolting up, the girl's eyes fluttered open to the world. It was vibrant, colorful, and most importantly: real.

Her gaze turned to a pond with lily pads floating in it. The sun's orange light, tinged with purples and yellows, rolled off the clouds, reflecting onto the pool in vibrant saturation of warm colors.

Am I dreaming?

"Lady Marzinal!" A voice rang out, approaching her mistress. "Are you alright?"

"Why wouldn't I?" the girl responds, looking at the servant as the memories floated back.

She was Liliana Marzinal, daughter of Viscount Vincent and Felicity Marzinal. Liliana was raised to be an esteemed figure of society, yet, her mother's miscarriage when the original body was five led for them to spoil her rotten. Because of this, it led Liliana to become a horrible, selfish being, who put herself over others.

She was to be engaged to the fourth prince in the Kingdom, but he had a great disdain for her due to her whiny nature; yet, he couldn't break off the marriage since she kept preventing him from doing so. One night, at a masquerade ball, Liliana had no idea how to recognize her prince with a mask on, and ended up dancing with someone else. Relieved, the prince slipped out into the night, and ended up meeting the main character. The main character, with her wonderful charm, coaxed the prince into falling in love with her.

However, Liliana found out about all of this, and had attempted to murder the main character by suffocating her in bed. She hadn't suspected that the prince was laying next to her...

As the heroine was unconscious, the Prince repeatedly stabbed Liliana to death, and ended her life. After this, since the Prince had been engaged to Liliana, he instead married the heroine, and the two lived happily ever after.

'System? Where am I?' Liliana thinks, feeling a tingling at the back of her brain.

'In a world, obviously, in a different universe and timeline than your origin. This is your first world.'

'But... why am I the villain?'

'Because you are apart of the Villain Implementation System, V.I for short.'

The maid nodded frantically, looking nervous. "I can't believe the horse bucked you off into the water, she's usually so-well behaved! I apologize!" she bows her head deeply.

"No need to worry," Liliana shakes her head. "You didn't make the horse buck me off. Sometimes, things happen." The maid rose her head in confusion.

"Why aren't you going to punish me?"

"Because that'd be ridiculous!" Liliana laughs, looking around and not seeing the horse. "Did the horse run off?"

"Yes, I'm terribly sorry I didn't catch it! Please, punish me, I deserve it."

"Raise your head." She looks up at me, and flinches as Liliana steps forward, giving the maid a big hug. She tightens at Liliana's hold, until her mistress releases her, a lopsided grin on her face.

"There, you're all wet now, just as I am. This will be your only, and last, punishment." The maid looked confused, but gave a smile regardless. "Thank you for being such a generous master!"

Liliana  smiles. "Alright. Shall you escort me back home, please?"

"O-Of course my lady! We can get a physician to attend to you right away," she comments. "To check for any injuries, of course."

Liliana supposes her personality will be slightly 'off' compared to the original soul of this body, but no way in hell would she be able to tolerate herself if she had to act like a spoiled brat.

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