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The night before the wedding, Liliana had been taken to the bathhouse at the edge of the castle's grounds. In the waters, she waded clothed in nothing except the skin she had latched onto when she joined this world. Liliana's dewy pale skin seemed to almost glow luminously under the white moon.

Behind her, Reginald watched from a stone bench with heated blue eyes. Liliana merely kept her back turned against him, inky black hair clinging to her skin and concealing anything from Reginald's gaze.

Closing her eyes, Liliana inhaled the steam rolling up from the waters and tried to relax. This was hopefully the last night she had to deal with the bastard, with only an 80% chance of failure with the plan. Only the gods will know what will happen to her if she fails.

But, that 20% chance of the plan succeeding is keeping me going...


Liliana moved her head back slightly, eyes still closed. "Yes?"

"Sing to me, I've just realized I've never heard you sing," Reginald demands. Liliana resists the urge to scoff out loud at him.

Gosh, I don't know if I've even sung in this world. Maybe if my voice is shrill enough, he'll bury me with the others in the garden and I can finally be done with him...

"Reginald, to be honest, I've never sung a day in my life," Liliana informs truthfully. "I've never even heard myself sing. You wouldn't want to hear it-"

"I must disagree! Now, I wish to hear your songbird-like voice even more. If I'm the first person you are to ever sing to, it'll make the moment all-the-more special."


"Um..." Liliana opens her eyes, now fully looking over her shoulder at an expecting Reginald. "I don't know any songs," Liliana says with a sheepish laugh.

"How could you not know any songs?" he echoes, causing Liliana to shrug, slightly rippling the water. "Nothing comes to mind."

Unless he wants me to sing some Nicki Minaj, but I don't think he's the type to like 'Superbass...' is he...?

Reginald sighs, shaking his head in dismay. "That is a shame. Once we're married, I promise you that we'll have singers from all around the country come and perform each and every night. Then, you can learn a song to sing for me for the first time, my dear..." Reginald pauses before he chuckles slightly. "Your voice will be the only virgin thing that remains after our vows, dear. How interesting..."


Liliana merely nods, turning her back to him and closing her eyes once more. It seemed as if he's had his fill of conversation, so he'll probably be done bothering her now-

Liliana heard the water ripple from behind her. She lazily re-opened one eye just as two cold hands pressed themselves against her back, causing both of her eyes to snap open. Liliana arches her back in surprise and glances back to see Reginald without a shirt. Liliana glanced down slightly before averting her eyes.

And without pants as well.

How could he have gotten so naked so quickly?!

"Why are you in the water?" Liliana asks as he quirks a blonde brow.

"I can't be in the waters with my dearest?"

Liliana's lips tighten but she says nothing. He chuckles slightly.

"I was hoping to...repay the favor you left me the other day," he comments as Liliana crosses her arms over her chest, fully turning around to face him. Her mind flashes back to the rotting head on the golden platter and her stomach clenches in disgust.

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