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It was the same darkness the girl had faced when she was in her original life. She welcomed the dark like an old friend, allowing it to embrace her in its clutches.

A voice pierced through the veil,  'Welcome back.'

The girl sighs, suddenly feeling cramps in her shoulder, gut, and thigh. 

'Ugh, why do I still feel it?' she winces, clutching at where the wounds would be.

'They're phantom sensations, no need to worry. It'll fade in a few minutes.'  008 informs. 'Now, I'm going to inform you about your status. Would you like a visual?'

The girl shook her head to clear off the dissociative feeling she had in her chest right now.

Right, the points. Everything was just a game in the end...


A glowing blue screen flickered into view.

Mission: Completed! +1000 Completed!  +1000
Overall gain: 2000 points

'Woah! I get double the points?'

008 sputters at this. 'What?'

'I suppose it's because I married twice into two different families...but still...' she murmurs to herself, continuing to scroll down the list that 008 had provided while 008 tried to figure out what had happened.

TITLE GAINS: 200 points in total
-overthrow oppressive government
-instate new government
-served a decent reign (1.4 years)


BONUS: WORLD LEVEL CHANGED FROM C to B (no points acquired)

'What does 'world change' mean?'

008 gasps. 'That's very rare... it means you changed the world' difficulty level from a C to a B. It can no longer be a starter world...how did I not foresee this?"

'So I must've really affected it, then...' she trails off and 008 laughs. 'Seems like you're ready for The Hub, then.'

"The Hub?"

008 lets out a series of whirs and the girl feels her body pulled down into a sitting position. Liliana blinks and sees she was now in an all-white room. A plain bed was to her left and she was sitting on a slightly uncomfortable white chair.

'Only V.I.Ps who pass their first world get access to The Hub,' 008 explains. The girl felt special for a moment... only to realize that this VIP was more about the program.


008 pauses for a moment. 'Most of the time, only 1/10 villains reach their goal. A hero's charm is especially hard to beat, even in a level C world...'

The girl shudders as she images what could've happened to her if she failed. 

How horrible would my future be?

'The Hub allows other systems to interact and acquire new skills in between worlds, while the systems get everything in order for the next transmigration,' 008 explains. 'You use points to unlock lessons, bonuses, and other things. You can purchase new items in-world until you have enough points to complete lessons in that world. For now, if you wish to acquire a skill, you can get a skill cheaper in The Hub's mall.'

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