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Jamal POV

Walking out of the school I smiled seeing Seven's car

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Walking out of the school I smiled seeing Seven's car. I walked up to it and she looked like she was asleep. When I stood by the window if I only had one wish I would wish that she was sleeping.

"AYE SOMEBODY CALL 911 !!" I yelled trying to open the door but it wouldn't open. I saw Frank walking out of the school.

"Frank! Frank! Seven needs help!" I yelled and like lightning he ran over and was helping me break into the car. He used something to pick the lock and when we got her out the ambulance was there. The paramedics got her and I ran and got in the ambulance with her.

"I'll meet y'all there bruh!" Frank yelled as the closed us in the ambulance. I looked at her and she was fading. Her breath was so shallow.

"Please don't die, baby. I love you too much. I-I can't live without you." I whispered in her ear. I grabbed her hand and for a moment I felt time and space freeze. I don't wanna spend my life without her and I won't.

We got to the hospital and they rushed her to the back. I stood at the counter with the pen and paperwork in my hand. I couldn't move. I couldn't even talk.

"Sir are you okay? Sir?" The nurses yelled but I couldn't move. I couldn't talk.

"Yes Ma'am he good. Come sit down bro." Frank said  putting his arm around me and led me to a seat. He was so calm. How could he be this calm? He started making phone calls to everyone. Soon her parents ran in and even my mom and his mom. How the hell this did get my mom number?

"Jamal.. why would she do this?" My mom asked rubbing my back.

"I don't know. She stronger than this I don't understand." I said breaking down and covering my face with my hands.

"It's my fault. It's all my fault." Her mom yelled and we all looked at her.

"Don't say that Bailey. It's nobody's fault." My mom said but Mrs.Williams shook her head.

"My mom put all this pressure on her. She told Seven to keep Kai from Franklin. My mom lied to her and told her that she would ruin our family." She said crying and I sighed shaking my head.

"Fuck!" I yelled standing up pacing. Was she okay?

"So that's why she made up that bullshit story about how she couldn't come see me. And why she didn't tell me she was pregnant." Frank said in amazement.  He started laughing and everyone looked at him like he was crazy.

"All of this is just too much. Can we get a do over?" He said laughing and everybody laughed with him this time.

"You can say that again." Mr.Williams said

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