Virgin Vibes Pt.2

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Hazel POV

I got off the bus at the jail and sighed heavily. I sat on a bench outside and waited for her lawyer. He said if I visited with him we could come even when there weren't visitor hours. I saw a young light skinned woman in a grey suit walking towards me. This her lawyer? It didn't look like anyone my aunt would know. She looked boujee really boujee.

"Hey, you're Hazel right?" She reaches her hand out and I nodded shaking her hand

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"Hey, you're Hazel right?" She reaches her hand out and I nodded shaking her hand. She smiled a bright smile. We got up and walked into the jail and we walked up to the Guard at the desk.

"I'd like to see my client Adina Neal." She said pulling out an I.D. and the guard looked at it then looked towards me. I looked to her and she stepped in front of me.

"She is with me sir, open the gate." She demanded crossing her arms. I was shocked that he actually did what she said.

"Stay close Hazel." She said as we walked into the gate. He led us to a small room. He opened the door and went walked in. She looked around the room and her eyes stopped on the camera.

"Under law we are entitled to unsupervised visits. Another room please." She said turning to the man and he rolled his eyes.

"This is the only one we have for you." He said and she laughed turning around and crossing her arms.

"Am I to understand that you an officer of the law are refusing to abide by it? Because if so I can call the mayor and let him know. And maybe the ju-" She spat looking right in his eyes.

"Just come with me." He cut her off and we walked out. He led us to another room same size and everything the other one had except a camera. We sat down and he walked out.

"You are a bad bitch." I say and she laughed shaking her head.

"I just am really good at my job." She said and moments later the door opened and I jumped up and ran to her and hugged her. Her hands were uncuffed and she hugged me back tight.

"Oh it's so good to see you, my baby." She whispered in my ear and I sighed in relief. I was so scared she was hurt or worse dead. We finally backed away and sat down. I couldn't stop staring at her. The officer left the room and her and Adina grabbed each other's hands and squeezed it.

"Here is your paperwork and you sign for the deal." Adina said pushing a paper and pen towards her. I looked to Adina and my aunt and they looked like they were sad. The fuck was she agreeing to?

"Hazel, I wanted you here so you can know what deal I'm making." She said and I nodded looking down at her paper.

"I'm going to be living in a mental health facility. Three years instead of jail time." She said smiling and I covered my mouth to hide my own smile. I reached and grabbed her hands and squeezed them so tight.

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