Ain't The Same Since You Left

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After Frank ran out of the house I ran up to my room and put Kai down. Then I stormed down stairs.

"I told y'all I was gonna tell him! Now look what you did! I knew he was gone run away from this!" I yelled and my mom slapped me across the face.

"Watch your tone with us! You had a baby but you ain't grown! That boy deserved to know! You should have been told him!" She fussed and I started crying. The slap was hot and still stinging on my face. I covered it with my hand to soothe the pain on my face but it did nothing for the pain in my heart. But nothing compared to the hurt my pride felt because I knew she was right.

I walked upstairs and closed the door. I packed a baby bag with Kai's clothes in it and some of mine. I put him in his car seat and grabbed what I packed and made my way to leave.

"Where are you going Seven? Don't leave here angry." My dad said to me when I opened the door. My mom was standing next to him with her arms folded. The true definition of good cop and bad cop.

"I'm not angry. You both were right. I just want to go to Jay's house to calm down." I said and my mom walked up to me and reached for the baby bag and the car seat.

"You go ahead I got him." She said kissing my cheek. She got the baby and I ran to my car. I drove as fast as I could to Frank's house. His car was parked crookedly and I parked behind him. I got out of the car and walked up towards the door and knocked. Frank opened the door and grabbed my hand. He dragged me to his room and slammed the door behind us. I sat on his bed. A place where I was usually comfortable in felt so odd.

"We had sex only once Seven. The night before I went to jail. I was locked up for almost eight months. How old is he?" I sighed and rubbed my stomach reminiscing about the baby bump that was once there.

"He is two months. I found out I was pregnant months after you were in jail. His name is Kai Amari Williams and he is three months old." I explained to him and he sat down in his computer desk chair. He rubbed his head and blew out a long strong breath.

"He got my middle name?" He asked looking in my eyes and I nodded. I wanted him to have something of his fathers.

"The question is why didn't you tell me? I had a right to know about my son. You just left me hanging in jail. I thought you was gone hold me down." The question sent shivers down my spine. I sighed and stood up. I walked over to the window and looked out. This shit been bothering me and I promised if I was ever asked I would tell the reason. But now I feel like a cat has my tongue.

"I just couldn't handle it. I was only a junior and I wanted to be free. I was too young to hold someone down in jail." I said quickly hoping he would just accept this answer and be done with this subject. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to him.

"I know you Sev. I know that's not it." He said and for the first time we looked each other in the eye.  I felt like I was melting.

"I was at school and Nadia showed me some texts between you and her. You said that you were only with me because my grandpa died and you did not want to break up with me." I say to him and he instantly looked guilty. My grandpa died two months after we got together. So I felt that it was true.

"I am going to be honest with you. I was thinking about breaking up with you the day you called me and told me about your grandpa." I sighed and sat on the bed. I wanted the bed to swallow me in.

"Tell me why." I said and instantly regretted it.

"Because I didn't like the tough act you put up. You did not open up or want to talk about anything. But after your grandpa you changed. And I fell in love with the real you." He answered honestly and it made me feel so much better. Maybe I should have talked to him about the situation but I could not bring myself to do it.

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