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Two Weeks Later

Frank POV

I sat on the counter in the kitchen watching Hazel cook. We been spending a lot of time together since the Seven situation and the bruise situation. She has been staying the night a lot too and I'm getting pretty fond of her.

"Fuck you staring at?" She laughed turning around. I rolled my eyes but continued to look at her.

 I rolled my eyes but continued to look at her

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"You look pretty, that's all." I said watching as she finished up the spaghetti. She put garlic bread on a pan and put it in the oven.

"Frank shut up. When you gone go see Kai? You haven't had him in a while." She asked closing the oven and leaned against the counter.

"I don't wanna talk about it." I say looking down at my phone. On my lock screen was a picture of me and Kai. I missed him but I just can't face Seven right now. I got too many emotions swirling around in me right now.

"You can trust me." She said getting on her tippy toes to kiss me. I leaned down to meet her halfway and we kissed.

"Seven is pregnant again." I say and she backs up and gasps.

"From Jamal? When you found this out?" She asked and I rubbed my face and sighed.

"When she was at the hospital for the suicide attempt. Yeah it's Jamal's. I just can't help but to feel some type of way." I shrugged and she nodded slowly looking as if she was thinking.

"My first love had a baby on me. At least y'all not together." She giggles turning around to get the garlic bread out of the oven.

"You was in love before?" I asked making my shock dramatic. She put the pan down and shot the middle finger at me.

"Yes I was. His name was Devon and we were 14. We loved each other or at least I loved him." Sometimes I wonder did Seven ever love me for real or was it just lust. I never wanted us to end and I still don't.

"You thinking about her again?" She asked handing me a plate.

"Why you ask me questions about Seven? Isn't it rude to talk about another girl while you with your girl?" I ask and she laughed sitting on the counter next to me and took a bite of my bread.

"First I'm not your girl. Secondly, I know that's who you love so I can't stand in the way of that." She said shrugging.

"What If I wanted to make you my girl?" I ask eating some spaghetti. She really put her foot in this shit.

"What we have is temporary. I would be stupid to think otherwise." She said matter of a factly.

"That's not true." I said grabbing her chin and making her look me in the eyes.

"Whatever Frank it's fine. I ain't hurt over it." She said shrugging and looking away. I could tell she was feeling uncomfortable so I let her chin go.

"I'm serious, it's not temporary. I really do like spending time with you." I said keeping eye contact and she rolled her eyes. She ate a small bowl of spaghetti and I had two plates full. We washed the dishes together playing around as usual throwing suds at each other.

"I'm bout to head out." She said drying the last dish. I made her put it down and I picked her up.

"Frank what you doing?" She laughed and I put her on the bed and I got on top of her and started sucking on her neck. She held my head and wrapped her legs around me.

"Damn okay!" I said when she flipped me over and started kissing me deeply. She then went down and took off my pants and draws and started giving me head.

"Damn....damn...fuck." This girl had me moaning out like a bitch. I bit my lip to keep the sounds in. She stopped and took off her clothes and jumped on me.

"Ohhhhh it kinda hurt." She moaned ridding me slowly and so beautifully. I held onto her hips and she grinded back and forth. She had her hands in her hair looking like a straight up pornstar.

"I-I want you to fuck me hard." She said getting off me and getting in the doggystyle position. I got behind her and did just that and it ended with us naked, sweaty and breathless.

"That was amazing." She said smiling at me. I turned towards her and kissed her. I stared in her eyes and she stared into mine.

"I-I care about you." I said and she rolled her eyes getting up. She walked into the bathroom and showered. I got up and went into the shower behind her. We bathed together in silence. She was acting weird again. After the shower she put on some clothes she had in my drawer.

"I'm heading out I'll see you." She said grabbing her things and leaving. I sighed as she walked out of the door. This girl remains a mystery but I'm going to figure her out.

Hazel POV

Walking to the apartment I thought about how Frank was catching feelings. Don't get me wrong I am too but I just know this is temporary. Everything that ever makes me happy is temporary. It was late so I eased my way into the house. I closed the door and turning around

"So you stay out all night?" My aunt's boyfriend yelled and then he back handed me. I took it and tried to walk away but he yanked me back by my hair.

"Stooop please don't hurt her!" My aunt yelled as he dragged me across the room. I grabbed onto my hair and tried to pry his finger off.

"You fucking hoe ass bitch." He said kicking me in the side. My aunt pulled him back and I laid there in pain.

"Get the fuck out! And don't bring your ass back here either." He yelled throwing clothes at me from my room. I sat up and tried to gather all my clothes. I went and got a trash bag and stuffed my clothes inside.

"Please don't make her leave." My aunt begged on her knees. I grabbed my shit and opened the door. The last image I saw was my aunt begging and crying. I slammed the door and walked back over to Frank's.

"So you really enjoy spending time with me?" I say laughing and then it turned into tears. He pulled me in and looked at my face and then hugged me. I winced but didn't move from the hug. See what I mean everything is Temporary.

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