✨It Takes A Village ✨

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Frank POV

I woke up and jumped out the bed ready to start my day. I turned on some music and started dancing and got ready for my day. It was Friday and I was ready to spend time with my son. This would be the first night I had him in my apartment. I got in the shower and washed my body and thanked God for being able to shower in hot water and for freedom. I got out of the shower and started drying off when I heard a knock on my door. I wrapped towel around me and rushed to the door and behind it was Hazel.

 I wrapped towel around me and rushed to the door and behind it was Hazel

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"You looking like a whole dude outchea." I said laughing and she punched me in the chest. I closed the door and she came in and sat on the bed.

"While you laughing you need to hurry up before we late to school." She sassed and I rolled my eyes and dropped my towel. She bit her lip and looked me up and down.

"Maybe we can be a little late huh?" She asked walking over to me and taking off her shirt. She jumped up on me and I kissed her.

"I'm not into dudes." I said putting her down. She smacked her teeth and started to get naked and threw her clothes off. She laid on the bed and opened her legs so I decided to dive in for a quickie before school.

Hazel POV

After that quickie and a shower we headed to school. Frank was so sexy and I couldn't get enough of him but I couldn't sleep with him anymore cause I might be catching feelings.

"What you thinking about?" He asked while we walked up to the building. It didn't look like we were the only ones late to school.

"My class got to go." I said and he kissed me. People were looking and I was a little shy because I never liked my business public. I kept walking and went into my class. I sat down and got out my materials and started taking notes.

"Bitch you stay being late." My friend Jordan whispered. I laughed and got my phone out to text me aunt and my alarm to take my birth control went off. I reached in my purse and popped it really fast. I never wanted to be a mother for some reason it never was something I wanted. I wonder why?

Seven POV

I woke up earlier this morning because Kai was crying so loud and it scared me. I held him close and felt his head and he was burning up. I got a cool rag and placed it on his forehead. I went to my parents room and they were gone. I sighed and looked down at Kai who was red in the face and still burning up.

"Oh no no." I whined after he threw up on me. I got my phone and called Jamal to come and help me. Moments later I heard a knock at the door so I answered it with a screaming baby.

"You wanna take him to the hospital?" He asked and I nodded.

"Help me get ready." I told him and I handed Kai to him. He was fussy of course and only wanted me. I got his baby bag together and then I hopped in the shower.

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