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I walked into my house and hung my book bag up. Kai was in his swing and I started to grab him but I was sleepy. I went up to my room and decided to take a nap. I closed my eyes.

Two Hours Later

"Babe wake up." I hear someone whisper beside me. I opened my eyes and saw Jamal.

"Please a few more minutes I'm exhausted." I whined and the baby started crying. I sat up but Jamal got up to get him. He came back with Kai in his arms.

"Hey momma's baby." I baby talked to him as I got him from Jamal. I took my breast out and started feeding him. It was okay because Jamal some seen everything I got when I had my baby. He cut Kai's umbilical cord.

"So what happened with Frank?" He asked looking down at his shoes.

"I told him about Kai being his and I told his mom and she got upset." Jamal looked sad and nodded his head.

"Why was she upset?" He asked and I shrugged looking down at Kai who was falling asleep. I rubbed his hair as a way to accelerate the sleeping process.

"Because she missed out on my whole pregnancy. And she would have been there for me." I say now realizing how messed up the situation was. I should have told her but I was just ashamed of being pregnant in high school.

"I understand that. So does he want to be around?" He asked and I nodded. I saw the disappointment in his eyes but he looked away.

"What's wrong Jamal?" I asked and he shrugged.

"When He was in jail we were family. It was just us three. And I don't want nobody coming in between that." I sighed and I stopped breast feeding and put Kai on my shoulder and burped him. I put him in his crib. Then I straddled Jamal and sat on his lap. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him.

"I know you wanted to just claim him and we were gonna pretend he was yours but I feel guilty. Kai's father deserves to experience him." I explained and he pulled me into his chest and hugged me tight.

"I know I know I just love y'all and don't want y'all to get hurt." I kissed his cheek and laid my head on his shoulder.

"There can't be any hurt if it's no feelings." I said and he chuckled a little bit. I got up and went to my closet and looked for something to wear.

I picked up Kai and dressed him

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I picked up Kai and dressed him. Jamal was just staring and looking upset.

"You trying to look cute for the nigga?" He asked and I shook my head but kept dressing the baby.

"You know I dress like this all the time. Stop tripping bae I'm yours." I said picking up Kai and then kissing Jamal on the lips.

"I love you and I gotta go to work. Love you Kai." He said and kissed Kai. He walked out of the room and I sighed nervously. This was driving me crazy. I packed the baby bag and put Kai in his car seat and buckled him. I walked downstairs.

"You need help baby girl?" My daddy asked me and I nodded. I gave him the car seat and we walked out to the car together.

"So Kai is getting ready to meet his dad." He asked while he buckled Kai in.

"I guess he is.. daddy am I doing the right thing?" I asked as I leaned against the car and crossed my arms. He closed the door and looked at me.

"Would you feel you were missing something if you never met me?" He asked and I thought about it carefully. I love my father and he always knew what to say to make me feel better.

"Yeah you make a good point. But Jamal has basically been his dad. And he's a little upset that I'm letting them see Kai." I said and he smiled and shook his head.

"He just loves you both that's all. And it might be jealousy also. But you have to give Frank a chance to be a father. It's only right." He said and petted my head as if I were a dog. I sighed and opened my car and got in. I backed up and started my journey to Frank's house. I parked and my heart was beating so fast. I got out of the car and went around to the backseat. I unbuckled him and grabbed his bag and went up to the door. I looked down at Kai and he was wide awake. This baby is too nosey. I laughed and knocked on the door.

"Hey Seven, come on in." His mom greeted me and I walked in. Frank walked out and slowly walked to us.

"Come sit down and let's see that baby." She said and we walked to the living room. I sat the car seat on the sofa and unbuckled him and uncovered him. They were both standing beside me looking down at Kai.

"Oooooh give him to me he is so beautiful." She smiled and I picked him up. I handed the baby to her and she sat down. I sat down and put the car seat on the floor.

"Hello little Kai. Hi baby boy." She cooed over him and I smiled. Frank stood over his mom and looked down at Kai. His eyes were staring up at Frank and he was smiling.

"He is usually never this alert." I say commenting on his eyes being wide open.

"You wanna hold him Frank?" She asked and he nodded. He sat next to her and she handed him the baby. He cradled him in his long arms and they stared at each other.

"Seven, we were wondering if we could get a DNA test. We just want to be 100% sure before we get attached." His mom said and I stayed silent thinking about my response.

"If that's what Frank wants..." I say and we both look to him.

"I want the DNA test." He said and my heart dropped. I cannot believe he really is doubting our son. But I guess I have to prove to him that he's the father.

An Hour Later

Driving away from the house I felt sick to my stomach. It really is bothering me that Frank is doubting that he is the father. I never cheated on him or did anything to him. He the only man I been with and he know that. Tears dropped down my face as I drove to my house. I just wish I wouldn't have told him now.

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