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Without thinking, I jumped forward toward Craig and enveloped him in a huge bear hug. Being who he is, Craig couldn't pass up the chance for a good hug, no matter how awkward the scenario. He squeezed me right back, and then we pulled away at the same time. There was an uncomfortable pause.

"What are...what even...what the Hell are you doing here?" I choked out, my words not cooperating with my mouth.

He sighed, as if remembering the way I had turned him down a few weeks ago. That was a sore spot for both of us. But, he did go on to explain himself.

"Liz...Mark needs you, whether he knows it or not. I came to grab your ass and put it on a plane to Sochi, no matter what. I know, you're probably thinking this is too weird, I am too, but we have to think of Mark. He's the guy for you Liz, and I want you both to be happy."

He finished, and all I could do was stare at him, stunned. I was so shocked in fact, that, without realizing what I was getting myself into, I stammered "okay".

He actually smiled. I missed seeing that. "Well then lets go, you gotta pack girl!" And with that he ruffled my hair and lept passed me, into my house and towards the staircase. "I'm assuming your room is upstairs!" He yelled back as he jumped up the steps, taking two at a time.

It was all so surreal, that I just took a minute to stand in the doorway and stare in his direction. Craig McMorris was in my house. He was in my room. He was...raiding my stuff. I swore in my head and fast-walked after him. "Sure, just make yourself at home" I grumbled under my breath. I pretended to be annoyed, but really, my heart was fluttering. I was going to see Mark.

When I got to my room, there was one of my old duffel bags thrown on the floor, and Craig was carelessly sifting through my different droors, tossing odd items in the general direction of the bag.

"I'll get it, you..go do something else." I encouraged him, walking over to take his place. I was trying to avoid myself from any embarrassment, but I was about 5 seconds too slow.

"Oohhhh, look at these! These are nice!" Craig said in a mock, feminine voice. On one hand he held a lacy pair of pink underwear, and he was twirling the matching bra around on his finger of the other hand.

My face flushed, and I snatched the lingerie away from him. "Just shut up and make yourself useful." I snapped, starting to actually become ticked off. All he did was laugh. Typical Craig.

I managed to fill my bag in a record 10 minutes. We raced down to the kitchen, and were on our way out the door when I froze. My parents would be home in an hour. I couldn't just leave them! I explained my dilemma to Craig, but he didn't care (surprise surprise). So, I hastily grabbed a nearby notebook and scribbled down a note, in a sorry attempt to explain. I left it on the table, locked the door, turned the lights off, and jumped into the shotgun seat of Craig's vehicle. He laughed. "Alright, Sochi, we're coming for you!"

He pulled out of my driveway like a madman, howling out the window as soon as we hit the road. I buried my head in my hands and groaned. I was going to be in so, so much trouble.

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