I continued my week as usual. I attended the same boring classes, with the same boring people (except for the kid with the light up glasses who steals the teachers chairs. I enjoy him). I showed little emotion on the outside, smiling and laughing at all the right times. However, on the inside, my heart was aching. I wanted so badly to be in Sochi, cheering on Mark as he competed in his first Olympic games. It was hypocritical of me, I know, but I just couldn't help feeling like I should have been by his side at his big moment.

On Thursday night, February sixth, I was sitting in my room, eating chips, watching the video of the Men's Slopestyle Qualifiers from earlier that day, and doing quiz after quiz on Buzzfeed. I finally had the house to myself, so I was enjoying the peace and quiet. As I'd expected, Mark had qualified and would be competing in the semi-finals/finals in two days. Friday, the next day, was the Opening Ceremonies. I also had the day off of school, which worked out well.

I was in the middle of completing the 'WHICH DISNEY PRINCESS ARE YOU?' quiz when I heard a knock on the front door of the house. I froze, a handful of chips halfway to my mouth. Cautiously, I set the bag down on my desk and grabbed my baseball bat from my closet (I was home alone and I'm a paranoid person, what can I say?). I crept down the stairs and peeked out the window, careful to not let the visitor see me.

It was pitch black outside, so I couldn't make out a face, but I could tell that my guest was tall and lean, obviously male. That made me even more nervous. He knocked again. Putting my nerves aside, I took a deep breath and placed my baseball bat by the door, handy, just in case. I carefully opened the door, and in the light of my kitchen the face came into view.

My jaw dropped in disbelief. In front of me stood the one, the only...Craig McMorris.

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