I'm so sorry guys, it has been FOREVER since I updated. I've been on the go 24/7 with homework, a trip to Quebec, and softball. I'll try to update more frequently, I promise! And I know this is really short but I just wanted to post something! Thanks for being patient :)

   I stood in front of the wide bathroom mirror, cursing the horrible lighting. I did 360 after 360, scrutinizing my outfit, my hair, you name it. I had never been to a real party, with big kids and alcohol before. I was scared. I wanted to fit in, and not draw any more attention to myself than necessary. I had originally decided on my favourite pair of dark-wash Aeropostale jeggings, with a red sparkly top that I had only worn once in my life. I had the shirt on for a total of 10 seconds before deciding it was too flashy. I changed into a grey and white knit sweater with prints of moose. There. I thought. Much better. I now looked cozy and very Canadian, which I guess was a good thing. Hastily, I ran a comb through my hair for the millionth time, trying to keep it smooth and in place. For me, that was an impossible task so I just decided to move on. I put on a tiny but of makeup, just enough to make my skin look glowy and my hazel eyes slightly more defined.

   I was still contemplating my outfit when I heard a quick rap on the door. I bolted out of the bathroom, trying to reach the door before either of my parents. No such luck. Dad had beaten me to it. He opened the door, and greeted Mark. “Hey Mark, how's it going?” He asked in a happy voice, however somewhat deeper than usual.

   “Not bad Sir, thanks for asking. Is uh, is Liz ready?” He mumbled in a shy nervous voice. I did my best to suppress a grin. I popped out from behind my Dad, pretending to just arrive.

   “Oh, hey Mark! You're early!” I exclaimed. He checked his watch.

   “Uh no actually, it's 7:02 to be exact...” He began, but he saw the look I was giving him and he quickly trailed off. “Anyway...you ready?”

   I grimaced as Dad's eyes went back and forth between Mark and I, clearly confused. “Ready for what? Are you going on a date? I sighed and finally told him about the party. He took it all in, and, to my surprise, nodded. “Well, have fun guys. Be safe, be responsible. See you in the morning. Text me if you need anything.” I paused, expecting a catch of some sort, but that was it. Shocking really.

  We made our way down to the parking lot in front of the lodge. I followed Mark through rows of cars until he finally stopped in front of new-looking silver BMW X5. I whistled. “Nice ride McMorris.”

   He gave me that stupid grin boys have when they're around nice cars. I recognized it easily from school, where, in a small town, the only thing people are concerned with is what they're driving.

   We got in, and drove down the driveway of the resort. He took a few different twists and turns until we finally came to a small dirt road. I saw him turn on the right blinker, and I looked at him in surprise. “We're going down here? Is there civilization?”

Another grin from the joker. “Well, there's us, does that count?” Despite my nerves, I laughed.

   “So um, what made Craig want to throw a party in the middle of nowhere?” I asked, genuinely curious.

   “It's Craig. He spends every waking minute trying to stand out and do something crazy. Besides, from the sounds of his description it will be totally sick. Just trust me.” He reached over and gave my hand a light squeeze.

   I knew he was trying to push aside any worries I might have had, and I appreciated his concern. I decided to pull out my acting skills and try some fake confidence. “Really? I can't wait!” I told him with a 1000 megawatt smile. He smiled back, and I tried to ignore the roller coaster that was in motion in my stomach.


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