After another few minutes of driving, we pulled up in a clearing filled with other vehicles and teens loitering everywhere. There were guys in plaid jackets and toques, holding cans of cheap beer. Girls huddled together in zipped-up jackets and scarves, trying to freeze. I took yet another deep, calming breath, and followed Mark's lead by stepping out of his car. I followed behind as he approached a group of people. As we got close, one boy with shaggy hair and a goofy grin stepped out towards us and extended his arms out, obviously looking for a hug.

   “Marky Mark what's good bro?” He grabbed Mark into one of those violent boyish embraces, the two of them laughing together and messing up each other's hair. I was going out on a limb and assuming this friendly guy was Craig, given the resemblance in their faces.

   The brothers pulled apart, and Craig turned his attention on me. “Ahh. This must be the famous Liz. Come here sis, I need some love from you too.” Before I could protest, Craig had forced me into an awkward bear hug, and I couldn't help but giggle a little bit and shyly pat his back. I couldn't believe how friendly he was! It must have run in the family.

    “Oh yeah.” He said in afterthought. “I'm Craig, Mark's brother.” I nodded. “I figured as much.”

   He smiled. “Well, now that we've got introductions out of the way and our guests of honour are here, we can get this show on the road everyone!"

   He took off towards the beginning of a small, rough-looking path leading into the woods at the edge of the clearing. He cupped his hands to amplify the sound of his voice. “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS, WHO'S READY TO PARTAYYYYY?!” A wild yell came from the crowd. “THEN LET'S DO ITTTT!” More yelling in response.

   Suddenly, everyone raced toward Craig, as I looked on in confusion. I turned to Mark for clarification. “Umm, what's happening?” I asked, trying not to sound panicked...or stupid.

   “Just go with it.” He grinned, and I shrugged. Guess I didn't have much of a choice.

   I walked behind the crowd, trailing along. As we approached the trail, I began to understand the chaos. There were four-wheelers and snowmobiles that appeared to be taking people to the top of the hill, out of my sight. Duh. Of course the party wasn't just down in the middle of nowhere, that would be too simple for brother Craig.

   Mark and I finally got to the front of the line, and jumped on the back of some random guy's snowmobile. “Sup guys, you ready for some AWESOME?”

    I gulped, hoping that the driver was sober enough to get us to our destination. I cautiously slipped my hands around the waist of the unknown driver. A shiver went down my spine as I felt Mark's hands embrace my waist. I was jolted out of my thoughts when the snowmobile rumbled forward, towards the life of the party. I said a silent prayer for dear life, and we took off, up the mountain.

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