A month later, I was sitting in AP English class, writing an essay and pretending to listen to the stupid class discussion about the dance the night before, which I hadn't attended. I pulled my head up from the laptop I was using to glance around the classroom quickly. Behind me was what I liked to call "Clique Row". The popular girls and guys sat there and gossiped all class, also mindlessly flirting with one another. Next to me was my best friend, pretending to be researching for her essay but really playing Angry Birds on her iPad. And in front of me sat a guy with light-up glasses, spinning around in a computer chair, talking to himself. I sighed. He was no pro snowboarder alright. The thought made me cringe.

At the end of the day, I was leaning against the door of my homeroom, anxiously awaiting for my bus dismissal to be called. All of a sudden, a strange noise started coming from my pocket. I pulled out my phone, and it seemed to be ringing. I wasn't used to getting calls on my phone, so I didn't recognize the ringtone. The caller ID read UNKNOWN NUMBER, HAWAII, USA. I scoffed, hit silence, and slipped my phone back into my pocket, sure it was a wrong number. Immediately it began to ring again, this time I answered it, to give the caller the bad news that I wasn't who they were looking for. Hopefully my plan covered long distance.

"Hello?" I mumbled, not wanting to draw attention from any of my nearby classmates.

"Hey...is this Liz?" The voice was female, and familiar yet strange at the same time. I wasn't sure whether I should be curious or just plain creeped out.

"Uhm...who's asking?" I questioned, keeping it as safe as possible.

"You probably don't remember me, but..." She continued introducing herself, but I had zoned out after just a few more words. The memories I had been trying to suppress for the past few weeks had just been pulled back up, and I wasn't sure if I could handle them yet. But I stayed on the line, despite my heart crying out in silent agony. When she was finished talking, I slowly hit END on the screen, and put my iPhone away yet again. I took a seat on a nearby desk and gazed straight ahead at the whiteboard, my eyes glazing over.

My chemistry teacher noticed, and walked over to me. "Liz, are you alright? You look like you've just seen a ghost!"

I kept staring forward. "More like heard one." I replied quietly, not thinking he would hear me. Unfortunately, he did.

"Well, are you going to be alright? Because if you need to talk I'm-" I cut him off mid-speech.

"Thanks, but I'm fine." And with that I stood and exited the classroom, not waiting for my bus to be called. That was probably the first time I had also been rude to a teacher. Funny how heartbreak changes people.

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