As we snowmobiled up the mountain, I found myself ducking my head behind the back of the driver, trying to protect my face from the icy cold air whipping at our skin. I grasped my hands in an even tighter grasp, trying not to fall off due to his reckless driving. For most of the ride, I just decided to keep my eyes closed. That way I wouldn't be able to see us when we crashed. When I finally felt the machine stop, I cautiously peeled one eye open. "AWW GUYS THIS IS SICK!" The driver took off with no regard for Mark and I. But I couldn't blame him. What was waiting for us was pretty amazing.

   Nestled at the top of this random mountain in the middle of absolute nowhere, was this towering log cabin. No, not cabin-mansion. The logs glistened a caramel shade of brown, and fluffy white snow coated the entire property. I saw gray smoke rising from the chimney. Someone must have come up earlier and started a fire. Most of the people were already there, hanging out and acting oddly relaxed, as if they were waiting for a sign to begin their partying. I turned to Mark.

   “Man, Craig really knows how to pick a party location, I'll give him that!” I laughed, still in awe. Mark also laughed. “Craig is the party master! The guy can't do much, but he sure knows how to party.”

   We had to break up our conversation because of the roar of the final convoy of snowmobiles and four-wheelers bringing up the remaining guests. When all of the vehicles had shut off, Craig jumped up from a crowd of people, and ran to the front of the gigantic cabin. Once again, he cupped his hands and shouted, addressing everyone at once.

    “ALRIGHT PARTY PEOPLE, JUST TWO SIMPLE RULES BEFORE WE BEGIN. NUMBER 1: DON'T DO ANYTHING I WOULDN'T DO, AND NUMBER 2: HAVE FUN! REMEMBER KIDS, JESUS IS WATCHING!" As expected, a huge woop came from the crowd. I looked around in confusion, trying to anticipate what was going to happen next. Were there going to be ice-breakers or something?

   “HAVE AT IT FOLKS!” Suddenly, mayhem broke out. Groups of boys pulled out Krazy Karpets and trash can covers from under the deck, and began racing and hollering while sledding down the mountain. Another group of people joined Craig on the deck and flung open the doors of the cabin, taking over the inside.  After a few moments, the French doors on the third floor opened, and the group came running out onto the overlooking deck. The deck was already shovelled off in preparation for the night. Someone had hooked up speakers that I was unable to see, and loud rap music quickly filled the air. Unidentified drinks in red solo cups seemed to appear from every direction, and I saw that someone had quickly set up tables filled with drinks-both indoors and out. I was so overwhelmed that I didn't even notice Mark put his hand on the small of my back. It was only when he leaned in to talk that I became aware of his presence.

   “Let's go inside for a minute, so you can catch your breath.” I looked to him and nodded in relief.

   You know how Cady felt in Mean Girls, when she walked into a high school for the first time? That was exactly how I was feeling. Inexperienced and out of place. I was just hoping that I didn't spiral downward the way she did. Avoiding all of the interpretive, soon-to-be intoxicated dancers, I allowed Mark to guide me into the cabin, not knowing what to expect. One thing was for sure, I was in for a wild night.

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