I stayed and talked to Coco for another hour, but not about Mark. It was nice to finally have a friend-a girl one, that is. I couldn't remember how long it had been since I'd had a good girl talk session. We talked about music, clothes, school, surfing, and everything in between (except boys, that was off limits). Honestly, I'm glad that I got the opportunity to really get to know Coco as a person.

On my way home, I kept my mind clear of Coco's proposal, and tried to think of things that make me happy; Puppies, 5 Seconds of Summer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Forever 21, coffee, etc. Surprisingly, it worked. By the time I reached my house, I was still pretty calm. That night as I tried falling asleep, I brought back up her offer and turned over all of my options in my mind.

Should I go? Should I just call him? I miss him, but he's a dick. I'm a drama queen. I'm hungry. Oh my God, focus. Yeah. Sochi would be fun, but I'd have to miss school, and it would probably be hella awkward...  and my mind wandered that way until I passed out from exhaustion.

The next day, I was still thinking. I paid no attention to my teachers, but I mean, that wasn't anything new. I  pondered that night, and the next day, and the day after that, and for the rest of the week...

By the time I finally made up my mind, there was only one week until opening ceremonies. After dinner, I sat down with my parents and brought up the whole Sochi thing. I had decided to listen to Coco, and see Mark before his event. All I needed was parental permission. I had an entire speech planned out in my head, in attempts to convince them that I would be safe, that I would easily get caught up on school work, how it was already paid for, blah blah blah. I talked for at least ten minutes straight. When I was done, I stared at them hopefully, doing my best puppy dog eyes.

They sat in silence for a moment, and glanced quickly at each other before my dad spoke up. "Uh, this is a joke, right?" I was crushed. Of course they wouldn't be on board. I should have realized it sooner.

My mom and dad must have seen the disappointment on my face, so they tried to explain themselves. "Hun, you're in the middle of the school year. You've just started second semester, you're taking all AP courses, and there's no way that either of us could go with you! We wouldn't feel comfortable sending you alone. You've never even flown before!" My mom brought up some good points, and she kept going. "And anyway, I bet you don't even know where you'd be staying, who you'd be staying with, what you'd be doing, and how long you'd be there!" She gave me her 'mother knows best' stare, and I couldn't even respond. She was right. I waited too long to make my decision, and now it was coming back to bite me in the butt.

I was devastated, but I didn't want my parents to think it was their fault, because really, it wasn't. It was mine. I forced a smile. "It's fine, I totally understand. Maybe next year we'll be able to save up and take a family vacation there."

Mom and dad smiled and nodded in agreement. "That sounds very nice." My dad said.

I turned and went up to my room, letting my tears quietly flow down my face.

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