Chapter Five: Paws And Claws

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A day later, the Sunday after Alison's funeral, Eisa walks out of the nail salon on the phone to her mother for the first time in two months

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A day later, the Sunday after Alison's funeral, Eisa walks out of the nail salon on the phone to her mother for the first time in two months.

"The funeral was Saturday Mom, you've already missed it, don't worry, I sent flowers straight to the DiLaurentis' from you, told them Dad was unreachable because he was at the cabin. They understood, Jessica especially, you've been friends for years."

"Thank you sweetie, honestly, I don't know what I'd do without you. I am such a scatter brain. I don't know how they're even surviving, I'm sure I'd just die if that happened to you," Eisa, while in full disagreement with her mother's dramatic statement, musters the sincerest 'I'm sure' she can. "Well, you're okay right? I wouldn't be able to make it home right now, and your father has asked for zero disturbances while he finishes this novel, but you could see Dr Sullivan again, if you needed to?"

Eisa rolls her eyes at the suggestion, because of course her mother wouldn't prioritise her daughter over her work. "I'm fine Mom, I just got my paws and claws done, Noel is picking me up soon, and if I actually needed someone to talk to, I've always got Hanna and Mona."

"Right... Those two..." For all that her mother often gave the visual impression of a laid back mother, Etta Janusson nee Fitzgerald was raised with money among the upper class, and often considered Hanna and Mona more charity cases than friends of her daughter. "Maybe you should try talking to Spencer again. Maybe, someone who knew Alison, who understands a little better, might be of some help."

Noel rolls up in his car, Sean in the passenger seat, at just the right moment. Eisa motions for him to move, which he does, as she takes his spot with a roll of her eyes. "We've actually been catching up a lot. Aria is even back, so seems like the whole gang is back together."

"Oh, well-" Whatever Etta intends to say, someone asks her something obviously important because she hangs up with a quick "Love you, stay safe," Giving Eisa no chance to respond.

"Mom just got one of my voicemails about Alison, called to check up on me."

Noel, not much of a fan of her parents' brand of absenteeism, rolls his eyes, kissing her briefly before taking off towards the Janusson residence. Sean, the self involved man child that he is, doesn't notice the deeper meaning, and instead butts in.

"Hey Eis, would you mind terribly if the guys and I stole your boyfriend. We wanna play a game of pick up and the teams are uneven without him and-"

"And I'd happily ignore these bozos if you want company," Noel, for all his cool guy act, has always been there for Eisa whenever she needed, but sometimes, a little bit of her soul would peek through and she'd feel the need to make sure he's living his own life.

"No need baby, Spencer asked to hang out today and I said I'd have to ask if you'd made any plans, so this works out perfectly. Besides, I have to get some choreography done for the squad."

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