Chapter Eight: The Summer Fling That Maybe Meant Something

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Monday morning sees Eisa standing with Mona and Hanna as they apply one of their stolen tubes of lipstick

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Monday morning sees Eisa standing with Mona and Hanna as they apply one of their stolen tubes of lipstick.

"Ah. I totally love this colour. We should have stocked up on a few more tubes."

"Well I only have two hands," Hanna jokes lamely, but Eisa remains annoyed at the two of them. "Keep it."

"Why? Is your Mom asking to see receipts?"

"How about, the both of you are incredibly tacky for stealing from a department store? If you're so desperate, I'll buy you lipstick," Eisa snits from beside them, applying her legally acquired red lipstick. As her boyfriend approaches, she shakes her hair out and places her hands on her hips, confident in her cheer practice uniform. Hanna, seeing her boyfriend approach with Noel sees the opportunity to avoid her friends wrath and takes it.

"Sean! What's so funny?"

"Nothing, Noel's just out of control."

While Hanna and Sean share a perfect, sweet, chaste kiss, Noel and Eisa are on the other side of the spectrum. Eisa's arms wrap around his neck, tongues are involved, the whole shebang. They separate when Sean says something after his kiss with his girlfriend.

"Mm. You smell good."

"We should all save something for tomorrow night," he's breathing a little hard from the energetic greeting. He keeps Eisa close, his hand sliding down her back to rest in her back pocket. Eisa is too busy staring in to Noels eyes to notice the flirtatious way Mona asks what he's talking about.

"Noel's parents are out of town."

"It means the party of the year is officially on." Eisa smiles evilly at this. "Think big, think wild. Think parental units in a different time zone."

While Sean says something or other sweet to Hanna, Eisa is whispering in her boyfriends ear.

"Think of our private afterparty. You. Me. Your Room. No one else," she bites his ear to punctuate the end of her sentence, and she giggles at the look on his face as Sean takes him away to practice.

"So the pressure's on."

"What do you mean?" Eisa tunes back in the conversation at Hanna's question.

"Not everyone has a Sean or a Noel to wear to that party, and I'm not gonna spend the night guarding the bushes so you two can jump your boyfriends bones."

"I'm sorry Mona, since when have I ever even been that tacky?" Mona has the good grace to look contrite at Eisa's response.

"Yeah, we're not gonna be 'doing it' in the bushes."

"Whatever, have you guys even done it yet?" Eisa can see the calculating mean girl look in her friends eyes, and she wants to punch the look right off the girls face. However, she lets Hanna handle it how she wants.

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