Chapter Eleven: The Bitch Of Living

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Monday mornings

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Monday mornings...

The thing about Mondays, for Eisa, was that they were usually her favourite day of the week. She'd wake up, shower, do her hair and make up, make and eat breakfast, and for a small, tiny portion of her life, she'd feel like a normal teenager. Then, Noel would pick her up for school and they'd arrive together. Except, for the first time in what felt like forever, Eisa was starting the week on her back leg.

Sure, she had all her assignments finished and already handed in, her cheer squad was in excellent shape and their routine was near absolute perfection. And yet, everytime she turned a corner, a crowd of useless freshman would be whispering something moronic about her dumping Noel Kahn, who apparently became the hottest guy in school overnight. Or at least it felt that way to Eisa, who could have sworn that Sean was considered hotter by the general public up till the moment she dumped him like a 'cold-hearted bitch'. That's the story going around school at least.

So here she is, parking her red Chevy Impala in the parking lot for the first time in a year, and yet again she feels the ghost of her old regular passenger, Alison. Turning to where she should be sitting, Eisa can feel the coldness of her spirit passing through her, caressing her, reminding her that dumping Noel, even at the behest of some faceless creep, was for the best, and long overdue. With that, she puts on her game face and walks out of her car, carrying two coffees with her, one of which she immediately hands to Spencer the first moment she sees her. The two chat amiably till they happen upon their other friends, sans Emily, whereupon the conversation slides in to being about Melissa being taken to New York to mend her poor broken heart.

"If you ever get freaked out sleeping in that house alone, just call me, my place or yours, I'm always down to have a friend around. I remember how creepy it was when I first kicked out all the housekeepers."

"Yeah, I remember Alison sneaking through my yard to stay at your place every night for like months," Spencer snickered at the memory of the early days of their friendship, when they were all still 12 and 13.

"I seriously don't even get how you had that power. You were, what, 12? And you had the power to fire anyone working in your house?" Hanna's tone of awe, while genuine and sweet, to Eisa, clearly demonstrates her lack of understanding, of how trapped she is by her parents, their money, their expectations.

"Yeah, well, I was the woman of the house, there was no one there to tell me I couldn't."

"So, Spence, why didn't your parents take you to New York with your sister? You deserve retail therapy too."

"For what? She made out with a dude, I'd say she's got all the happy thoughts she needs. Besides, New York is an utter drag and they deserve to be in that kind of hell," Eisa's offhand comment is largely ignored, aside from a halfhearted chuckle from Spencer.

"Not as much as she does," the focus shifts as Emily finally joins the group. "Ooh, hot scarf Em."


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