Chapter Nine: A Party Girl Kahn't Reform

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It's the night of Noel's cabin party, a Tuesday, oddly enough, and Eisa is strutting her way into the place in a tiny red bralet, denim shorts, and her red leather jacket

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It's the night of Noel's cabin party, a Tuesday, oddly enough, and Eisa is strutting her way into the place in a tiny red bralet, denim shorts, and her red leather jacket. Overall, she looks like a hot bombshell in her signature colour. Rather than greeting her boyfriend with words, she kisses him full on the mouth, smiling into it when his hands reach around to grab her plentiful ass.

"We'll save the rest for later," she speaks only when she's sure he's fully dazed, and that Hanna can see from her spot sulking in the corner. "Hey bestie. Why so glum?"

"Sean. He's ignoring me for foosball. How do you get Noel to moon over you like that?"

"Sex. His mind is always focused on it, so everything he does is to ensure he gets some."

"Sean doesn't want it! I've pushed, but he's all 'I want it to be special' and it's killing me. I mean, most boys are horndogs but he's been pure and sweet for 9 months! It's like he's an alien!"

"Maybe he's just trying to be sweet and not pressure you. His parents seem like the kind to really drill that in. You just have to give him ample opportunity and be honest about you being ready. Now come on, no more sulking let's talk about something fun," Eisa, having deemed her quest to wreck Hanna's confidence and drive her further towards what A wants, steers the conversation elsewhere. The two chat about different things, girls who got a boob job or a nose job and debating their quality. Hanna remains unenthused, but Eisa is chatty enough for the both of them.

Soon enough, Emily walks in with the rude girl from the other week, Maya, and Hanna immediately beckons her over. They watch the incident between what, as far as Eisa last knew, was Emily's boyfriend Ben, and Emily herself. It's awkward, so Eisa makes the assumption that they're broken up. Once the staredown ends and Emily walks away, Eisa waves politely as they pass, going off to find Mona and whoever she's managed to con into coming with her.

They talk about many things, including clothes and gossip about Toby, and some snippy things about a girl who apparently gave blowjobs for money that was in their grade. Eisa follows Mona and her boy toy as they wander, talking about nothing and everything, leaving her to her date when they come upon a very put out Hanna. Once Mona leaves, Eisa sees her opportunity to make the final push. She plays the helpful friend perfectly.

"Hey Ackard! I want a game. I wanna see Noel's face when I kick his ass."

"Oh you're on honey bear," Noel takes the bait, completely unaware he's helping with a scheme commissioned by a stranger. Eisa sees Hanna get annoyed and leave, so she follows her. 

"I'll come back in a minute, and then, prepare to brawl Kahn."

Eisa hugs her friend as they walk up to Emily, Spencer and Aria clearly having a heated debate about something.

"Hey guys."

"What's up?"

"Toby Cavanaugh got into a fight with Ben over Emily," when Aria says Toby's name, Eisa has to ignore the urge to tense minutely.

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